Serve food for Kids in Smaller Bowls and Plates to Stop them from Overeating

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Nov 26, 2013

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smaller food plates for kids to reduce obesityA new study says that giving children smaller bowls to eat could help to reduce childhood obesity. In this first experiment, researchers got 69 preschoolers and handed them 0.23 or 0.48 ounce bowls. Then they were severed with cereal and milk in increments until the children have had enough.

It was found that children with larger bowls asked for 87 percent more cereal and milk. The weight of the kids or their gender did not really affect the amount of food they asked for.

Another experiment which included 18 elementary school students were given smaller or larger bowls, and in secret scales were embedded within the tables to weigh each child’s serving and to determine the amount of food they ate. People with larger bowls had asked for 69 percent more cereal and milk and ate 52 percent more than those with smaller bowls.

Study author, Brian Ven Ittersum, a professor of behavioral economics at Cornell University said, "Bigger bowls because kids to request nearly twice as much food, leading to increased intake as well as higher food waste. Based on these findings, using smaller dishware for children may be a simple solution for caregivers who are concerned about their kids' caloric intake.”
The study was published online Nov. 18 in the Journal of Pediatrics.

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