Skin Infections & Gym: Your Workout Is Ruining Your Skin In These Many Ways

Skin infections are common in places where there are more and more people using the same equipment. Hence, basic care is a must

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Feb 26, 2020 16:41 IST
Skin Infections & Gym: Your Workout Is Ruining Your Skin In These Many Ways

We exercise in gyms with the sole motive of staying in shape. But, a major thing to ponder upon is the number of people using the same equipment when they are sweating it out in the gym. In the race of attaining our goal weight, we often ignore other factors of working out in a space which is not exclusively for you. A mix of sweat and dirt can lead to some nasty skin infections which can cause grave discomfort. Hence, if you are regular to the gym, make sure that you clean up well after a workout session to stay clear from skin infections. Your skin suffers the most due to external factors, sweat and dirt being major determinants for the onset of various skin problems. Listed below are skin infections that one can get from gyms:  

Athlete’s Foot 


Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that affects the feet. It is caused by excessive sweating and is an infectious disease that grows between the toes and spreads quickly. The name denotes that it was earlier only commonly reported by athletes but is common in those who sweat a lot in their feet. This is a common thing for those who are regular to the gym and happens mostly because of wearing sweaty shoes again and again. It is primarily caused by a fungus called tinea. Hence, early treatment and care is a must here to stop it from increasing.

TIP: Those who sweat excessively around the feet should make sure that they remove their shoes immediately after a workout, wash their feet with water and soap and wear alternative footwear. Also, after every workout, one should try to air out their shoes in the fresh air and spray a freshener to get rid of the odour.  

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Ring Worm

Those with sensitive skin are more prone to ringworm, a skin condition which is caused by a fungus and not by a worm. This infection can affect the skin of the scalp, legs, skin, beard or other areas. This happens due to the rubbing of sweaty clothes against the skin for a longer duration. Also, the presence of bacteria adds to the condition where the person may start with basic itching leading to red lesion-like patches on the skin. Ringworm can also happen due to rubbing of the skin with gym equipment laden with sweat and germs. So, before using any equipment, clean it once with a cloth to ensure it is sweat-free.


TIP: Gym clothes should be regularly washed and aired out in open to get rid of the harmful bacteria. If itching persists, try opting for different material gym clothes to see the difference. Taking necessary precautions like cleanliness and hygiene can prevent the chances of ringworm. However, if itching remains and lesions start to appear, immediately consult a doctor before it spreads.

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Jock Itch

Sweating between the legs is common for those who exercise a lot. This can be a significant reason for jock itch. It is a common disease that people suffer from every day. A more common problem in girls, this happens more frequently in summers and monsoon when the humidity levels are higher. This is due to the sheer negligence of hygiene, which makes the condition worse. The cloth fibres rubbing against the skin makes the situation worse, especially when the clothes are wet due to sweat.


TIP: After a workout session, make sure that you take a proper wash or shower before changing your clothes. Use intimate washes if possible, especially for girls to avoid these problems.

Essential care tips post-gym that one should follow for good hygiene:

  • Wear loose clothing while exercising to keep the skin dry and germ-free.
  • Keep a separate pair of clothes to wear after exercising. Shower before you change into the new pair.
  • If any wounds and cuts, keep the area clean. Do not take saunas at such times.
  • Use wet wipes on equipment before using to ensure that you are not touching someone else’s germs.
  • Wash your hands after exercising or use a sanitiser in between the sessions.

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