Do You Sit For Longer Hours? You Are At Risk Of Cancer, Reveals Study

Do you want to know how harmful is too much sitting? Read this study which says that long sitting hours increase the risk of cancer.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 26, 2020Updated at: Jun 26, 2020
Do You Sit For Longer Hours? You Are At Risk Of Cancer, Reveals Study

Most of us are working from home right now. Working in shifts makes us sit in front of the laptop for hours. Some sit on the desk while some lie on the couch with their laptop, either way, you are seated for as long as you are working, right? Do you know the health hazards of long sitting hours? Neck and back pain are common but what’s unheard and uncommon is cancer! Yes, sitting for long hours can expose you to cancer, as found by research. Get up, get moving and save yourself. Scroll down for details.

Do you agree that you were more active before lockdown? Most of the people have the same thoughts has it involved commuting, walking, physical meetings, social gatherings, travelling, etc. Now that we are working from home, almost everything is restricted. The worst part is long sitting hours. There is limited space in the home and moving there really doesn’t count as physical activity. One should walk or cycle daily to maintain fitness and prevent health problems. 

Sitting long hours increase cancer risk

Long sitting hours not only cause weight gain, neck pain and back pain but also Cancer. The medical journal ‘JAMA Oncology’ recently published a study with findings related to long sitting hours and the risk of cancer. The research team established the link between sedentary living and cancer diagnosis. The study emphasized the importance of bringing healthy changes in the lifestyle to avert this risk.

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The team assessed the lifestyle of about 8,000 people for 4 years. They detected 82 percent risk of dying from cancer in physically inactive people. People who along with long sitting hours did light physical exercises such as walking, strolling, were at lesser risk. People who involved in physical activities like brisk walking, cycling for more than one hour reduced cancer risk by 31 percent.

Reduce Cancer Risk By Walking and Cycling

If you manage to take out 30 minutes for high-intensity workouts or one hour for moderate exercises like brisk walking, running and cycling, you can safeguard yourself from getting cancer.

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The mantra is to sit less and move more.

Manage your timetable and allot time slots for physical activity. You can begin with small changes such as walk when talking on the phone, get up and walk around the house in 1-2 hours, etc. These small changes have major significance in your health and lifestyle. 

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