5 Bare Minimum Exercises You Need To Build Strength

If you can't get to the gym, these five bodyweight exercises can help you build strength at home.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Feb 06, 2023 16:00 IST
5 Bare Minimum Exercises You Need To Build Strength

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When most of us think of strength, we envision bodybuilders drinking protein shakes or lifting heavy weights. Lifting weights is necessary to build strength and protein for recovery, but it is not for everyone.

So, if you want to stay fit but can't stand going to the gym, it might be time to try something a little different: bodyweight exercises. Bodyweight exercises are not only a great place to start with, but they also provide a slew of benefits that rival even the most intense gym workouts.

1 Squat

Squatting once a day keeps your heart healthy while also strengthening your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and abductor muscles. Squats primarily target the lower body and aid in developing lower body strength. Moreover, the legs are one of the largest body parts in our body, and training them causes a lot of hormonal production, which helps you grow other body parts as well. So, make it a point to incorporate squats into your routine for more ripped and muscular legs.

2 Push-ups

Push-ups are one of the best bodyweight exercises for building upper body strength, whether you are a beginner or an advanced athlete. Why are push-ups the best exercise? Because it is a compound exercise that targets more than two muscle groups at once. When you do a push-up, for example, you work your push muscles (chest, shoulder, and triceps). The only thing to remember is that every time you do a push-up, you should increase the number of reps and sets.

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3 Planks

When it comes to losing belly fat, we often perform a lot of crunches, but planks are far superior in terms of muscles worked. When a person does planks, they engage their core as well as their upper and lower body muscles. The best part about doing planks is that it targets muscle groups that go unnoticed, such as your obliques and love handles. The only thing to remember is that you should do planks on an empty stomach to get the most out of them.

4 Lunges

Lunges are a type of resistance exercise that, when done regularly, can help build strength in the long run. Lunges are performed one leg at a time, which aids in the treatment of muscle imbalance. Moreover, when you train one leg at a time, you can concentrate more and work on developing the mind-muscle connection. However, when performing lunges, make sure to warm up because it requires glute mobility, and if your glutes are not engaged, it can cause a lot of tension on your knees.

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5 Calf Raises

Calf raises are a simple exercise that requires little effort and is suitable for people of all fitness levels. A strong calf muscle supports you when you stand and allows you to walk. Calf raises require only a surface above ground level and the ability to stand on your tippy-toes and lift your body up. The best part about this exercise is that you can do it while sitting at your desk. The only thing to remember is that you don't need reps and sets to build strength with calf raises; all you need is to train until failure, or until it starts hurting.

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