Simple Diet Changes and Exercises that will help Improve Bone Density

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Sep 06, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • The more the bone density, the stronger your bones are.
  • Weight-bearing exercises such as walking and swimming help.
  • Diet changes prevent bone-related conditions.
  • Check with your doctor for any nutritional deficiencies.

Bone density, also referred to as bone mass, is the grams of calcium contained in a portion of bone. The more the bone density, the stronger your bones are. We reach the highest level of bone mass at 30, but it starts to deteriorate after this age. Increase bone density using natural methods to avoid certain conditions associated with low bone density in later life.


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Diet changes to Increase Bone Density

How to improve bone density? The best way of doing so is to incorporate in your diet a lot of natural foods and beverages that are high in calcium. Some of these foods and drinks include spinach, salmon, milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream. You need to supplement calcium foods with vitamin D as it makes calcium to be absorbed more efficiently into your bones. You can spend some time in the sun, eat egg yolks and take cod liver oil, which are some other ways you can get significant amounts of vitamin D.

Besides taking in calcium and vitamin D foods, you also need to check with your doctor for any nutritional deficiencies. He/she will check if you are consuming minerals such as boron, copper, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese and zinc.


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Engaging in weight-bearing exercise at a minimum of three days a week can help strengthen your bones. Resistance training methods (the exercises where you work against the force of gravity) also increase your bone mass. However, the exercises depend on your health, medical history and age.

You can start with a low/moderate intensity exercise and perform it on routine of 15 to 20 minutes daily. The simplest of exercises can help you boost bone density; these include walking, light weight training, water aerobics and yoga.

The type and intensity of the exercise you do has an influence on bone density. For example, cycling may have a lower bone density than the athletes who take part in jumping exercises, running, power lifting and gymnastics (source: University of New Mexico study)


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Moreover, it is essential that you track your progress. Keep a track of your daily exercise and make changes if you think you are not getting the help. Track the activity and the amount of time you spend doing it. Make changes to the exercise routine if you see any physical discomfort or gains in strength or endurance. Get a medical clearance from your health care provider if you have any serious health issues before beginning a new exercise program.

Making lifestyle changes such as bringing a change in diet and exercising can prevent several complications related to bone density, including osteoporosis.



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