Signs they are still into their Ex

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Nov 03, 2011

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Signs they are still into their Ex

Holding on your ex can create feeling of distrust in your relationship. But what if your partner is doing so?  You just need to find out the cause and work together to make your relationship more strong.


  • People often compare their current relationship with their past. An occasional reference to ex is not a cause for alarm. However, if it is happening 24 x 7 then there is a problem. Talking about ex is a definite sign that your partner is still not able to forget his/her past. Besides this if your partner never talks about his/her ex, they may have not forgotten their past.
  • Another sign is that your partner will not be ready to commit for a long lasting relationship. If your partner not ready to commit then give him/her some time to overcome the emotional vacuum created by the broken relationship. 
  • Is your partner still in contact with ex. Slight contact is normal but if they are not able to stop the continuous flow of communication then they are not able to forget past.
  • If you just feel that something is wrong then it is. If you think that he can’t be trusted then listen to your instincts. Find out the cause of distrust and help your partner to overcome.
  • Keeping mementoes is another important sign. Mementoes of past relationships can have a healing effect but ones the relationship is over, they must be left. If you find your partner sticking to the belongings from their past relationship then he/she is definitely not able to forget Ex.
  • Emotional extremes while talking about ex is another sign that your partner is still into their past relationship. The fact that their relationship has come to an end obviously mean that there was something wrong from both the sides. None of them could be completely blamed, so if your partner always talks about negatives of ex then there is something wrong. Similarly portraying a perfect picture of one’s ex is also not right.

As you look for the signs that your partner is still into your ex, it is equally important to make sure that you are not jealous. Be careful to make a premature decision and quick acquisitions. Extreme jealousy tends to create deep problem of mistrust. If you think that your partner is still into their ex then talk to him/her and try to find out the solution.


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