Signs she will make a Bad wife

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Bushra Kafeel
DatingWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Sep 12, 2011
Signs she will make a Bad wife

If you are planning to propose your girlfriend for marriage then there are few things to consider first. Before making the decision you must make sure that both of you are compatible with each other. While selecting life partner most men don’t pay heed to signs that indicate that she may turn out to be a bad wife. Here are some of the signs that she will make a bad wife.


  • People often confuse the jealous nature of their partner with ‘caring nature’.  But this is not true in all the cases, if you have to repetitively reassure her that other women in your life are not threat to her then think again. Remember that a good wife will not be possessive or suspicious unless given a strong reason.
  • Another sign that she will make a bad wife is her jealous nature. If your girlfriend is jealous of every girl that is around you then she may turn out to be a bad wife.
  • A woman, who loves ever-changing lifestyle .i.e. she can’t commit to her friendship, frequently shifts job and even her hairstyles, may not be the best person for you. You can’t expect loyalty with such person.
  • If your girl dislikes you hanging out with your friends then may become a wife who does not want you to have life outside marriage. Remember that if she is restricting you now then the situation can become even worst after marriage.
  • Do you feel that irrespective of your efforts she is never satisfied. Don’t ignore her complaints such as - you don’t spend enough time with me, are not romantic, don’t understand me, are not sensitive. Instead, remember that such unreasonable expectation will not change after the marriage.
  • If your girlfriend plays with your fears, weaknesses, shame, vulnerabilities, values, sympathy, and try to control you then she will make a bad wife. She will even continue to emotionally blackmail you even after marriage.
  • If you find that your girl behaves in an unpredictable manner, give a second thought to your decision of life-long commitment.    
  • A girl who is always criticising, screaming, making fun of you, humiliates and exaggerate your flaws will surely turn out to be a bad wife.


The main idea is not to be carried away in blind love. Instead open your eyes to the practical realities of life while choosing your life partner.


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