Signs of Infection after Delivery

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Sep 07, 2011

You are at a risk of infection after delivery as your condition is vulnerable at this stage. There are many infections that can affect you such as lacerations in the cervix, vagina or perineum. The risk is accentuated if you have open wounds in the uterus; you had undergone episiotomy or C-section.

You should immediately call a doctor to get yourself diagnosed if the following symptoms are experienced:


Having a fever immediately after delivery does suggests infection. Seek medical treatment if fever lasts more than 4 hours and is above 100.5 degrees F.


If you experience severe pain after delivery, it is most probably due to infection. Such a pain generally occurs in the abdominal area. This pain can be unbearable.

Abnormal Discharge

A foul smelling discharge would definitely suggest infection after delivery. It is one of the main signs of infection.


If a woman gets stitches because of tear in the vaginal area or due to a C-section, and then starts to feel extremes of tiredness, it is a sign of having contracted infection.

The symptoms of postpartum infection are different based on the location of the infection. The symptoms mentioned above are the most common, i.e. they are present in all types of infections. Fever, pain, foul smell of discharge (from the vagina caused by uterine infection or from a wound) and tiredness are the most common symptoms of infection after delivery.

You should always be watchful for the abovementioned symptoms. Delay in treatment can be fatal. As soon as the infection is detected, immediate medical care should be sought. Women who have had a C-section are at the greatest risk of infection because of the possibility of the rupture of membranes prematurely. Infections could also be a possibility if the part of the placenta was still intact in the uterus or if there were cervical and vaginal lacerations.


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