Excessive Itching Around The Breasts Is An Initial Sign Of ‘Nipple Dermatitis’

Women, if your nipple itches unusually, visit a doctor. This could be a sign of nipple dermatitis or an underlying disease.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jan 13, 2020Updated at: Jan 13, 2020
Excessive Itching Around The Breasts Is An Initial Sign Of ‘Nipple Dermatitis’

The skin of women is naturally more tender than that of men. Besides, some parts are highly sensitive, including the breast, especially nipples. Many women suffer itchiness around the nipples. Momentary itchiness is normal but acute itchiness along with rashes, patches and red marks is concerning. These symptoms intensify itchiness. Women often ignore it as an allergy due to sweating or cloth material. But sometimes these normal-looking signs can be of 'nipple dermatitis'. 

Like other types of dermatitis, dermatitis in the nipple also intensifies and someday calms down. But the important point to understand here is that dermatitis is not a dangerous disease which means that it is treatable. so its treatment is easily possible. However, frequent itching, patches, scars, etc. can also be an early sign of breast cancer. Therefore, this problem needs to be attended and not ignored.

nipple dermatitis

Signs and Symptoms of Nipple Dermatitis

  • Nipple dermatitis can affect one or both breasts. Usually, the bulging part of the nipple and the surrounding dark skin (Areola) get affected due to this disease.
  • Due to this, there may be problems with red marks, small rash, rashes, patches, itching, etc. in the affected area.
  • Sometimes the skin turns white and scars like scars emerge.
  • It is important to keep in mind that doctors do not consider it too much to be scratched too much because there is a risk of infection spreading or skin cuts.

Risk Factors

The risk of nipple dermatitis is usually those whose skin is very sensitive. Apart from this, due to allergies of skincare products at times, allergies to synthetic fabrics can also cause this problem. In all these, those women who breastfeed are more at risk of nipple dermatitis. The risk of this is increased when the infant is lactating as well as weaning from the bottle or using the pacifier.

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What to do if you have nipple dermatitis?

Women who breastfeed have a lot of trouble if they have nipple dermatitis. Because when the baby is breastfeeding, infections and bacteria can enter the baby's body through its mouth. So it is important that if you see such a problem, you immediately go to the dermatologist and seek advice and medicines from them. Apart from this, until dermatitis is cured, you can adopt some remedies, such as-

  • Clean the nipple thoroughly by soaking a cloth or towel in warm water. Take care not to use soap as it may cause irritation and spread infection.
  • After this, dry the breasts by wiping them thoroughly with a clean washed cloth or towel. After this, if you breastfeed your baby, get it done.

petroleum jelly
  • If not breastfeeding, apply petroleum jelly to the skin around the nipple after drying. Click here to buy pure petroleum Jelly from Amazon.
  • If there is a pain in the breasts, you can also take a painkiller after consulting a doctor. But if you have problems for several days, do not ignore it.

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