Feeling Low During Pregnancy? These Mood Enhancement Exercises Can Be Helpful

Can mood swings during pregnancy be controlled? Certainly. Just eat right, sleep tight and do these exercises.

Gandharv Gulati
Women's HealthWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Jan 12, 2020Updated at: Jan 12, 2020
Feeling Low During Pregnancy? These Mood Enhancement Exercises Can Be Helpful

Almost every pregnant woman suffer mood swings. Not only them but their husbands and family members too bear them! This period of 9 months is whacky & crazy. A woman goes through so many emotions, pain, excitement, nervousness, all together. Within a few seconds, your mood may turn down for no valid reason. That's the story of a normal pregnant lady whose body is going through internal changes.

Mood swings occur frequently where one minute you're up & jolly and the other minute you find yourself frustrated & cribbing about something that doesn't require much attention. For example, why did you maid left early; why is your husband not promptly responding to your calls & messages, etc. There is no end! The ride of hormones is uncontrollably taking your mind and mood to places. And it is difficult to stop these mood swings. All you can do is learn to control them. Some expecting mothers go through these throughout their nine months of pregnancy, it depends. Apart from healthy & balanced eating and taking proper rest, you must also practice some exercises to enhance your mood and combat mood swings.

Exercise May Relieve Pregnancy Mood Swings

When we exercise, our body releases feel-good hormone 'Endorphins' which brings peace to your mental unrest. These not only better your mood but also increases your confidence, motivation and happiness quotient. It lowers down the feeling of stress or anxiety by bettering the mind-body connection. It also manages your sleep cycle so that you get sufficient sound sleep for a lighter mood by day.

3 Mood-Lifting Pregnancy-Safe Exercises

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Everyday Moves


There is nothing better than being active even when you're pregnant and a baby is growing inside you. Walking, vacuuming the house, gardening, playing with a pet, etc. are some common examples. Any physical activity that you can do with less exertion is good to keep your mood uplifted. 

Exercises for Flexibility


Yoga is undoubtedly the best to handle pregnancy stress and mood swings. Meditating and practising deep breathing exercises daily can keep you calm from within. The calmer you are, the happier you'll be and the healthier it is for the baby.

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While this is suggested, heavily pregnant women should ignore this one. Cardio exercises increase heart rate which makes your brain release more endorphins. The advises set of exercises in this category are: low-intensity aerobics, brisk walking, jogging and swimming. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day.


NOTE: Do these exercises as per doctor's instructions. These exercises have been listed on a general basis and this might vary from one pregnant woman to the other. It depends on your fitness level and medical condition. Kindly proceed after your gynaecologist's approval.

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