Actress Aarthi Aggarwal’s death underlines the complications of a liposuction gone wrong

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Jun 08, 2015
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  • Fat embolism is a fatal side-effect of liposuction surgery.
  • Liposuction can leave bruises behind.
  • Loose skin is another side-effect of liposuction surgery.
  • Treated skin may develop loss of sensitivity.

The desire to have an A-list body can take you to lengths and taking the decision in that direction can cause all kinds of confusion. While there is a kind of population that gives up on the temptation to go under the knife, there is another that feels relentlessly for surgical procedures because they seem highly conducive in giving you the body you have dreamt all your life.

Side effects of liposuction

Belonging to the latter category, the Telugu actress Aarthi Aggarwal succumbed to the temptation and underwent a liposuction surgery in the United States roughly a month ago. However, before her surgery could yield her the desirable results, the 31-year-old actress died of cardiac arrest at a hospital in Atlantic City after battling pulmonary illness and obesity, which were a result of her botched liposuction procedure.

Although liposuction is rarely fatal, fat embolism can be a lethal after-effect of the surgery. Fat embolism is yet to be declared as Aarthi’s killer though.

The misconceptions pertaining to liposuction are huge in the public. There exists a notion that liposuction is a relatively simple and gentle procedure. But, that certainly is not the case. The procedure is a lot more than just an insertion of a syringe and pulling out of fat. There are risks associated with the surgery and they can include infection, bleeding and perforation. So, here are some complications in detail that you must consider before undergoing the surgery.

Surgical risks

Liposuction poses the same threats that are generally associated with any other surgical procedure. Swelling and bruises on the treated area are a common sight after the surgery and can stay for two to three months. Moreover, liposuction also puts the patient at a risk of infection and blood clots.

Side effects of liposuction

Skin numbness

Another side-effect of liposuction is loss of sensitivity in the area of the treated skin. Even though the numbness is expected to dissipate after two to four months of the surgery, there are people who experience permanent skin numbness.

Loose skin

The treated areas may be left with loose skin after the surgery. The skin in this area is expected to regain firmness after four to six months. However, if the firmness doesn’t return, another surgery may be required to remove excess skin.

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