3 different types of hair transplant procedures

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Jan 19, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Hair transplant surgery is the most common way to fight baldness.
  • Grafting involves removal and reinsertion of a portion of scalp.
  • In tissue expansion, a tissue expander is placed under the scalp area.
  • Flaps involve surgical removal, stretching and tethering of scalp.

Hair loss is a common and natural process that an individual goes through at least once in his or her lifetime. It is caused by several factors such as family history, aging, hormonal changes etc.


There are several medical procedures of getting one’s hair back; the most commonly known procedure is that of undergoing a hair transplant surgery. Such a surgery is performed by plastic surgeons and is an effective tool in restoring a youthful look.

Some of the different procedure to transplant hair that are available through surgery are:

types of hair transplant procedures


Hair transplant surgeries are done after the recipient has been put under local anesthesia. The graft procedure involves the removal of a portion of the scalp and an insertion of thousands of hair strands into the section of the scalp. The strands are kept healthy throughout the session by way of periodic saline injections. Once the transplant is over, the portion of the scalp that has healthy hair attached to it is surgically reattached and given time to heal by itself. Several sessions of this medical procedure to get hair back may be required for the scalp to heal entirely.


Flaps are a better hair transplant procedure than grafts or some other types of hair transplant procedures because they cover a lot of area on the scalp and faster. By way of this procedure, the bald area of the scalp is surgically removed followed by a stretching and tethering of the healthy hair over the area from where the bald scalp was removed. Although, there may be more scarring with Flaps than with Grafts, most part of the bald scalp gets covered with healthy hair. Therefore, there is a decent chance for the obvious scarring to be covered by hair.


Tissue expansion

Tissue expansion involves the placing of a balloon like tissue expander under the scalp area that is growing healthy hair. Over the period of a few weeks, the tissue-expander gets filled with salt water to enable the stretching and expansion of the tissue; the consequence being an expansion of hair-bearing tissue that can be easily grafted once there has been sufficient amount of stretching.



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