Side Effects Of Excessive Intake of Protein Shake

If you take protein shake daily, you should note these potential side effects of high protein consumption.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Oct 04, 2022 17:29 IST
Side Effects Of Excessive Intake of Protein Shake

The consumption of protein shakes has increased significantly owing to the popularity and promotions by celebrities and social media influencers. Protein powders are being projected as the best supplement to achieve favourable results from a workout. While its benefits are marketed well, the potential downsides of its overconsumption are masked. So, make sure you weigh both pros and cons before consuming protein shakes. In this article, we list out four possible side effects of consuming protein shake in excess.

1. Overconsumption of Calories

While most people consume protein shakes to manage weight and increase muscle mass, excess intake of protein shake might do the exact opposite. Some protein powders contain added sugars which makes it high in calories. If you substitute protein shake with a meal, you may not feel satiated and so, you are highly likely to consume a meal after that which makes you overeat.

Second reason is that protein shakes have liquid calories which are not readily accepted by the brain as compared to solid calories. Your brain may signal that you are hungry and so, you will eat and have excess calories.

TIP- If you want to drink a protein shake, consume it along with your meal. Do not have it in between meals to prevent a rise in calories.

2. May trigger allergic reactions

Doctors are observing an increase in the cases of allergic reactions in people who consume protein shake on a regular basis. These are more prominent in people who over consume without consulting an expert. A study by the University of Nebraska Medical Center published in Clinical Case Studies shows that consuming whey protein in excess can trigger throat swelling, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, cramps, flushed skin, tightness in chest and breathlessness.

Side Effects Of Excessive Intake of Protein Shake

It is important to check the source of the protein supplement you are consuming to analyse whether it can cause any allergic reaction to you. Generally, protein powders are made up of cow milk, eggs and soy. So, check the ingredients before consumption.

3. Kidney stones

Another possible serious side effect of protein shake is kidney issues. Overconsumption of protein can potentially trigger kidney-related issues including stones. For the uninitiated, high protein diets can increase concentration of calcium in the urine which increases the risk of kidney stones. Besides, it may also damage your liver.

If you have any existing kidney issues, whether minor or major, you should not consume protein shakes without consulting your doctor. Discuss the permissible limit and do not exceed it for your kidneys and liver.

4. Increased risk of heart attack

Side Effects Of Protein Shake

Yes, you read that right. According to a study published in the journal Nature Metabolism, high protein consumption poses a risk for heart ailments. If your protein shake consumption is high or more than what is recommended by experts, you are at a greater risk of heart attack

These are some of the potential side effects of consuming protein shake that you should be aware of. Consult a nutritionist or dietitian for the right amount of protein for you as per your age, health, need and allergies.

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