Sexual Anorexia: Effects, Causes And Treatment

Sexual Anorexia is when a person losses interest in sexual desires. Know how this disorder affects a person.

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Sexual Anorexia: Effects, Causes And Treatment

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Our desires are in never ending proportions. Human beings have several desires of different kinds, sexual desire being one of them. Having an intimate relationship with someone can project many characteristics. But did you know that this desire could also turn into a dreadful disease? Yes Sexual Anorexia is the term which is used to describe people who try to avoid sexual contact of any type. In this disorder, you have less or no desire to be intimate with anyone. As A result, it can lead to manysexual and biological problems as well. Let us know more about this disorder.

What Is Sexual Anorexia?

It is a disorder where you try to avoid any sexual contact with your partner or anyone. The person suffering from this disorder has fear of intimacy and intercourse. Hence the sexual appetite of the person is compressed. This condition of inhibited sexual desire or sexual avoidance in called Sexual Anorexia. It causes problems like impotence in men and other physical problem related to sexual aversions. This disorder can happen to both men and women but it largely affect men more often.


Effects Of Sexual Anorexia

Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician, from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow explains few points that occur when a person is suffering through Sexual Anorexia. 

  • Persistent fear of sexual contact, sexual pleasure and intimacy rolls over the person.
  • The person can get unusually frightened by the possibility of sexually transmitted infections.
  • His obsession with sexual matters, intentions and behaviour gets to level where he does not know if it’s good or bad the person.
  • Person suffering from sexual anorexia becomes rigid in behaviour.
  • Shame of having sexual desires or experience may follow
  • The person gets self-destructive and tries to harm his private organs and limit himself in a negative manner.

Causes of Sexual Anorexia

There can be multiple causes which results in this type of behaviour. Generally, it is because of trauma or a bad sexual experience. The person having sexual anorexia may have both physical and mental problems. These problems can be associated with past events.

The physical causes involve-

  • Medication use
  • Exhaustion 
  • Recent childbirth
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Breastfeeding


Emotional causes involve-

  • Sexual abuse
  • Rape
  • Negativity towards sex
  • Religious beliefs 
  • Strict upbringing and pressure about sex
  • Power struggle with a partner
  • Communication problems

In most cases, emotional factors are stronger than physical ones and they cause the person to be trapped in sexual anorexia disorder. Mostly people suffering from this disorder have shame and wrong beliefs about intercourse which gradually leads to sexual anorexia. 

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Treatment For Sexual Anorexia

Listed below are some treatment options for sexual anorexia. Do not shy away from speaking to a doctor or an expert regarding such health concerns, as it can be fatal too in a longer run. Listed below are some treatment options:  

Medical Treatment

Some adults suffer from low testosterone levels or oestrogen levels due to which they develop this disorder. For them hormone therapy is an effective treatment. It can help regain their desire in sexual activities and improve sexual growth. This treatment can also be helpful for those who have lack of sexual interest or suffering from erectile dysfunction. In women, sexual anorexia can occur after menopause as it can kill their sexual desire or reduce it. Hormone therapy can replace their sex hormones giving them boost in their sexual desires.


Therapy Session

Some patients who have suffered a trauma or bad experience during sex can also suffer from sexual anorexia. These patients need therapy sessions which can calm them down and help them out of this disorder. Therapy is used to establish effective communication which can help the couples or a sexual partner to get achieve interest in his sexual life. It can be in the form of couple counselling, relationship training or session with sex therapist. It can help people of emotional instability during sexual anorexia.

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People suffering from Sexual anorexia have some past experience, beliefs or physical problems due to which they tend to have fear of having sex. They avoid any type of sexual contact and intimacy with their partners. These people often get aggressive towards sexual practises and try to condemn in whichever way possible. People with sexual anoxia can be treated in different patterns depending on the type of problem. Hormone therapy can benefit those with lower testosterone or oestrogen levels. Emotional Therapy sessions can aid in establishing relationships which can improve their sexual life. Other therapy session can be used to dissolve myths about sex and intimacy through giving them correct perspective and helping them come out of their trauma or presumption. 

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