7 Things every girl with long hair will understand

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Jun 09, 2017

We all long for long hair but how many of us are aware of the hardships that only a girl with long tresses will understand. Yes, long hair has its own set of miseries. If you too have been wishing for long hair secretly, you might want to read this and change your wishes.


long hair problems


You often get stuck

You often find your hair stuck in places and in things. Yes, I used to have long hair, and I remember getting stuck in door knobs and handles, every other place I could. My hair would just get entangled in door knobs, windows and sometimes in wall cracks.


Wind is enemy

Wind plays an arch enemy to girls’ with long hair. If you are out and it’s windy, you won’t be able to do much but brushing your hair off your face.


You eat your own hair

Well, if you are not eating your hair with your food, it’s not been long since you have long hair. Trust me, no matter how good your hair looks on your head, it tastes worst.


Tying is the only resort

Regardless of what you are wearing, how sexy and hot you wish to look; tying your hair is the only resort you are left with because you don’t want your hair to be all over you. A bun is what girls with long hair look up to in the times of need.


Once I lost my comb in my hair

Yes, I’m not kidding, I lost my comb in my hair one day and spent more than half an hour looking for it. Sounds funny right? Well, it is not.


It takes an eternity to dry

One suggestion, do not wash them if you are in a hurry. Yes, if you wash them, you are going to wait ages for them to dry and you cannot just blow dry them.


There’s not much scope of experiments

When you have long hair, you cannot experiment much, not because you can’t because you don’t want to. Indeed, even if you are troubled with your long tresses, you would not want to cut them because you love them, and you are too scared to use colours, so basically you would not do anything. However, the hairstyles tutorials prove to be helpful.



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