Sanitary Pads And Panty Liners: Know All Differences Between The Two

Sanitary pads and panty liners are used during periods to manage menstrual flow. Here's the difference betwwen these two.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Apr 15, 2022Updated at: Apr 15, 2022
Sanitary Pads And Panty Liners: Know All Differences Between The Two

Every woman is aware about sanitary pads since puberty, but most have not even heard about panty liners. Do you know what they are? Well, sanitary napkins are absorbents that you wear on your panties while menstruating. And panty liners are not much different. It is an absorbent fabric thinner than pads, worn inside the panty, but serves the same purpose. It is mostly used for spotting or discharge. It can help you feel comfortable throughout the day. Keep reading to know about the difference between sanitary pads and panty liners. 

Difference between sanitary pads and panty liners

Both sanitary pads and panty liners can are used during menses. Most women prefer using a sanitary pad instead of a panty liner. Here are the differences between these two.

Panty liners 

Panty liners are basically small pads without wings that play the exact role of pads in the panty. Panty liners are available in various shapes in the market. They are made in a variety of sizes and types. There are mainly two types of panty liners: 

Panty Liners for Extra Protection - You can use panty liners for extra protection in days with heavy discharge. These panty liners are helpful in drying out the menstrual flow and provide more protection during the day. 

Normal panty liners - These type of panty liners are thinner and are mostly useful for absorbing vaginal discharge or less menstrual flow. Most women use them in their last days of periods as there is less period flow then.

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Benefits of using panty liner 

Panty liners are also easily available in the market and comfortable. However, they should not be used during heavy menstrual flow. Here are the main benefits of using a panty liner: 

  • Helpful during vaginal discharge, urine leakage and sudden periods
  • Panty liners prevent the risk of panty getting dirty 
  • Panty liners are useful for last days of bleeding
  • Keeps moisture at bay 
  • It keep the vaginal area dry

How to use a panty liner?

Here are some steps to explain how to use a panty liner: 

  • To use panty liners, you just have to stick it inside your panty first
  • A normal panty liner can be used only for 2 hours
  • It is normal to even reuse cloth made panty liners 

Sanitary pads 

sanitary pads

Sanitary pads or also called napkins and pads are the most commonly used commodities used during periods. You can choose between various types depending on the body type, size and many other factors. However, it can't be reused like panty liners. 

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Benefits of sanitary pads 

Unlike panty liners, sanitary napkins are more useful if used during heavy flow. It is the most purchased women hygeine product accross the world. The benefits of pads are listed down below: 

  • Good for less odor and rashes
  • Can be used to absorb heavy flow during menses
  • Absorbs blood properly during menstruation
  • Protects against skin infections
  • Pads are comfortable and easy to use 

How to use sanitary pads? 

You can use either of them during periods as per your needs. It is important to be aware about the differences between sanitary pads and panty liners. Here's how you should use santiray napkins: 

  • The sanitary pads has to be stuck on the pack of your panty and the soaking side facing upwards 
  • In this process, their wings have to be withdrawn and glued on both sides
  • You can use a sanitary napkin for 5 hours and not more than that