Safety Tips for Using a Baby Bath Seat

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Oct 19, 2011

Bathing activity is a challenge for all parents as they need to be very careful about keeping their child safe in the bath tub.  Using a safe bath seat is essential to keep your child in a seated position during bathing. The market is  brimming with  umpteen bath products, specifically designed to assist parents of newborns in keeping infants in place during bath time. Though baby bath seats are not a complete safety solution but they work as  extended help  for parents to keep the baby in place.


Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) states that bath seats are bathing helpers, not safety devices and parents should not leave their child unattended even in a bath seat or a ring. Even though voluntary standard groups and manufactures are instructed by CPSC to create safer baby bath seat designs, it is imperative for caregivers to observe bath seat safety at all times. Liksted below are a few safety tips on how to use a bath seat while bating a baby.


  • Choose baby bathing seats made of plastic material that has a support bar for the child.  Armrest and a back rest should be included in the circle to ensure adequate safety.
  • Procure latest designs in baby bath seats that perfectly attach to the side of the bath tub. Before making the purchase, measure your bath tub so that the baby bathing seat fits perfectly into it.  Follow the safety instructions given by the manufacturers to install the baby seat correctly. 
  • Make sure that the bath seats are not defected. Avoid using older models with large legs holes as they can make your baby slide under water and get trapped. Check for the bar or strap in the baby bath seats so it can hold the baby’s legs to prevent unnecessary sliding out.
  • Below the tub attach a suitable rubber mat to prevent slipping and to provide extra grip and support.  Simultaneously, teach your baby to sit in the tub.
  • Baby seats with suction cups or an arm can easily attach over the side of the tub. You can also look for bath seats with suction caps at the bottom.
  • Keep  water play toys attached to baby bath seats to entertain the baby while bathing.
  • Prior to every bath, always check whether the bath seat is well fitted to the side of the tub and its straps are ready to be put around your child.


Aforementioned tips for using a baby bath seat in a safe manner will not only enhance the safety of the baby during bath time but will also reduce the stress related to the bathing infants. This way using baby bath seat you’ll  prevent unnecessary accidents.


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