RT- PCR Kit To Detect Monkeypox Virus Developed, Gives Highly Accurate Results In 50 Minutes

 A company has developed an RT-PCR test kit to detect Monkeypox virus. Here's everything you should know. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Jul 27, 2022Updated at: Jul 27, 2022
RT- PCR Kit To Detect Monkeypox Virus Developed, Gives Highly Accurate Results In 50 Minutes

Amid the rise in Monkeypox cases in several countries worldwide, diagnostic company Genes2Me announced on Tuesday, that they have developed an RT-PCR kit for detecting the virus. The company stated that its POX-Q Multiplexed RT-PCR kit provides highly accurate results within just 50 minutes. The announcement comes after The World Health Organisation declared Monkeypox a public health emergency of International Concern. According to WHO, more than 16,000 Monkeypox cases have been reported in more than 75 countries, which includes 4 confirmed cases from India.  

Mr. Neeraj Gupta, CEO, and Founder of Genes2Me told IANS, that, "This unprecedented time underscores the importance of diagnostic assays in health security preparedness and readiness. Understanding the value of time, we have launched this RT-PCR for Monkeypox which will give the result in less than 50 minutes with the highest accuracy." Gupta also mentioned that the company currently has the "capacity to manufacture 5 million test kits in a week, and it can be scaled up to 2 million tests in a day with the added demand".

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The WHO suggested that specimen type for laboratory detection confirmation of monkeypox is skin lesion substance, such as swabs of blister surface and/or exudate, roofs from more than one lesion, or the crusts of lesion. Therefore, Monkeypox can now be detected by using both dry swabs and swabs placed in the viral transport medium (VTM), which is a solution used for preserving virus specimens after collecting the sample. The RT-PCR kit is available in both the standard version for any usually available RT-PCR tests and the point-of-care format on Genes2Me Rapi-Q HT Rapid RT-PCR device. The company said that the point-of-care solution can be used for diagnosis at several places such as hospitals, airports, health camps, diagnostic labs, and many others.