All About Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer In Children

Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer is a type of cancer which develops in children or adults below 20 years. Know more about this cancer here.

Chanchal Sengar
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All About Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer In Children

Cancer is a fatal disease whose name is enough to makes us tremble with fear. Millions of people fall prey to this deadly disease. Health organizations worldwide are working to spread awareness about different types of cancers and their possible treatment to reduce the number. You will be surprised to know that more than 100 types of cancer have been detected so far. One such type is Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer. In this article, you can read all about this cancer and how it affects children.

What is Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer?

Rhabdomyosarcoma is a malignant cancer in which a type of tumor develops in the muscle. In which there is a lump or swelling in the muscles which gradually increases. This is its main feature. It can be said that it is a cancer of muscle cells. There is no evidence yet of how it originates in cancer cells. Usually, this fatal cancer is a disease in children below 19 years of age. Rhabdomyosarcoma originates in cells in muscle tissue. It is a type of sarcoma that starts in the muscles and is associated with bones. It helps to move the body. Overall, this cancer is the third common childhood cancer.

Causes and Symptoms of Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer

There is no evidence but cancer is thought to be caused by some changes in the DNA of the cells. Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer occurs mostly on the head or neck of a person. In this cancer, the patient has a headache, blistering of the eyes or swelling, bleeding from the nose and ears, swelling of the eyes and bleeding from the throat. Some people have symptoms such as bowel movements or rectal bleeding. At the place where this cancer occurs, lumps are formed or pain is felt without injury. In addition to problems related to the tumor cranial nerve near the spinal cord, there are many symptoms of rhabdomyosarcoma cancer

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Rhabdomyosarcoma is a common type of cancer in children that is found in the soft tissues of children. There are three types of this cancer.

  • Brun- Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer fetus is the most common type. It is highest among children between the ages of 4 years of birth. It is the most common type of cancer in place of head, neck, genitals or rectum.
  • Alveolar- It contains rhabdomyosarcoma cancer in place of hands, feet, chest, abdomen or genitalia. This is the second most common form of rhabdomyosarcoma cancer and is found in children between birth and 19 years. It is a cancer seen in teenagers and young adults. 
  • Anaplastic- Anaplastic rhabdomyosarcoma cancer is a rare form. It is more common in children with weaning.

Possible treatment

Surgery- Rhabdomyosarcoma surgery for cancer of the best ways is one of the main treatment and control long-term tumor. Surgery depends on the size and location of the tumor. If possible without damage, surgery is the first treatment to remove the tumor of rhabdomyosarcoma.

Radiation therapy- Radiation therapy can be used to shrink tumors, in which attempts are made to shrink the size of the tumor. Surgery is then performed to remove the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy- Chemotherapy is also performed as a treatment in rhabdomyosarcoma cancer and an attempt is made to remove the tumor. Of this, 80 percent of the tumor is reduced in size. Apart from this, immunotherapy drugs are also being used in other methods of treatment.

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