Resolutions for a Healthy 2012

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Dec 28, 2011

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Has keeping resolutions been a constant failure? Each year, over 40 to 45 percent of people in different countries charter multiples of resolutions that are not held onto for long and slide back to unhealthy habits. If your resolutions lose significance by the end of the day, here are tips that can help you keep yourself motivated from January through December.

Monitor blood pressure

As per the studies conducted  by doctors, every one in three US adults has hypertension, but the majority of the population suffering from hypertension are either unaware about its existence or don’t make any effort to control it. Hypertension or high blood pressure is an epitome of several severe health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cognitive decline and kidney disease. Therefore, it is important that you monitor your blood pressure from time to time. Keeping a constant check will promise you a healthy year ahead.

Exercise everyday

Even though the increasing amount of work one does has increased manifold, one must find time to exercise every day. Exercises include water aerobics, brisk walking, cycling etc. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise for five days a week. Although, it seems like a small goal, the payoff as suggested by the doctors is manifold. Exercising everyday decreases the risk of losing memory, diabetes, stress, cancer, cholesterol, weak immune system etc.

Quit smoking

Research reveals that smoking gives rise to heart diseases, cancer, stroke etc. Quitting may seem a little difficult in the beginning, but you will be amazed by the signs of a stable body as soon as you decrease smoking tobacco. As soon as you miss your cigarettes, you will notice changes in your body such as stabilized blood pressure, little chance of developing heart attack or other heart related problems and cancer.

Lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is important for the body to function, but the excess of it can block the arteries and therefore, expose you to heart attack or stroke. Find out your cholesterol levels from time to time with the help of your doctor. Consult your doctor when thinking of making lifestyle vegetables, fruits, healthy protein etc. Avoid consuming oily edibles.

Control portions

Healthy eating does not only adhere to the kind of food you eat, but also the content. Spread the meals for each day. Eat in small sizes to ensure that the calories don’t settle down and develop unnecessary fat in different parts of the body. Avoid overeating.



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