Remember cosmetic surgery may not better Gods job

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May 20, 2010

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We have seen some actresses going for cosmetic surgery to look better on screen. The perception about looking better than ever before drives many, especially the youth to go for cosmetic surgery.


Though the concept of beauty changes over ages and generations, the understanding of cosmetic surgery stems from an understanding of beauty. Cosmetic surgery is an art. With all other surgery, the successful completion of the operation without post-operative complications ends the story. In Cosmetic Surgery, that is where the expertise begins. Anyone can look at it and judge whether the job is well done or not. That is where the experience and artistic talent of the surgeon comes in.


Dr. Mahesh Mangal, Sr. Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon of Ganga Ram Hospital talks about the different types of surgeries and their  consequences.


Types of Surgeries

Rhinoplasty: This procedure mends or modifies the nose. Those  unhappy with the shape of their nose can easily opt for this and it is also one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery. 

Genioplasty:  This is the procedure in which enhancement or reduction of the chin is done. 

Hair Restoration or Transplant:  In this procedure hair from one part of the head is transplanted to another part of the head.

Blepharoplasty: This is the procedure to make eyes beautiful by lifting them up. 

Face Lift (Rhytidectomy):  This procedure removes excess skin from the forehead, face and neck in order to reduce wrinkles from developing. Tightening of the face is also done. Lip reduction and enhancement is another type of surgery in which lips are given the correct shape and add on beauty.  

Liposuction or Lipoplasty:  This procedure removes extra fat in different parts of the body. The three types are tumescent, ultrasonic and super-wet. 

Abdominoplasty:  This procedure removes extra fat and skin from the abdomen area. 

Breast Augmentation and Reduction:  The procedure deals with the reduction in size of large and drooping breasts or increasing small breasts. In some the cases a perfect shape is given to breasts which are sagging. These surgeries begin at Rs. 25,000 and go up to lakhs. In most of the cases it's the need of the profession to look good so people go for cosmetic surgery.




The surgery must be done by a good surgeon and the healing process may take weeks. Most of the surgeries are permanent but some are temporary, lasting upto two to three years. The treatment is quite effective and the success rate goes upto 90 percent if the surgery is performed by a good surgeon.

The psychology of the patient plays an important role as it is seen that in most of the cases the patients need not have any sort of surgery but they suffer from the feeling of undervaluing themselves and don't like what they have. The doctor first needs to solve their psychological problem and only then undergo any surgery.  The need is to understand the fact that surgeries can modify and enhance the look but they will not change a personality. Some of  patients have unrealistic demands like they want to look just like their favourite actors which is not possible. Go for a surgery only if you have any defect and there is a dire need to enhance the look. Otherwise be happy with what God has given us because first and foremost we need to understand and love ourselves. 

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