Relationship lessons you only learn if you have a brother

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Mar 30, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • An elder brother teaches you important life and relationship lessons.
  • You learn to be cooperative and hence can mingle with people well.
  • You can easily forgive people if you have an elder brother.
  • You learn to share with one and all just like you did with your brother.

Having an elder brother is a blessing as one gets to learn lessons from him, about life and relationships. An elder brother is a father in disguise looking out for you and helping you go the right way. So if you do have an elder brother then you must have learnt important life and relationship lessons early on in life. It is true that they trouble, pester and annoy you at times, while fights happen on a daily basis, the truth remains that at the end of the day you will come to realise that lesson learned in life.

Relationship lessons you only learn if you have a brother

Here are some important relationship lessons you learn early on in life, if you have an elder brother.

You learn to forgive

It is safe to say that you have had many fights with your brother, but almost all of those ended on good terms. This is one of the greatest relationship lessons that one can learn as it allows you to  maintain good social relations. You will know when to stop holding a grudge and accepting people  the way they are.


You learn to share

Another important lesson learned in life, sharing is a virtue that people barely do. It is very important to learn how to share for a young child and this is something one learns from having an elder brother. You learn to share everything, from food, to clothes to games. Sometimes, you even share common interests so it is really a ball of a time. Living and sharing is a kind gesture that can go a long way.


You learn to care

A caring person is loved by everyone and this comes when you learn to care from an early age. Having an elder brother makes you care for each other and this is a very important lesson of life. Throughout life you will come across people who will fail from time to time and it is very important to care for them and to show compassion. An elder brother teaches you just this.


You learn to be tough

Another very important lesson learned in life when you have an elder brother is that you learn to be tough. This is especially true for girls having elder brothers. Girls with elder brothers grow up watching football and WWE. They are made to be strong from the heart and mind and this can help them in life. A vital relationship lesson, staying tough can get you through many hardships of life.


You learn to agree to disagree

Here is a very important thing that takes you a long way in life. You agree to disagree and you can end most arguments. Having an elder brother means you will be constantly arguing over things and making an absolute mess at home. Finally, at the end of the day you will always agree to disagree to bury the hatchet and this is a great way to end a disagreement and is an important relationship lesson for life.

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