Reasons you are tired all the time

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Mar 28, 2017
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  • Medical and psychological conditions could cause fatigue.
  • An inappropriate diet can sap your energy and cause fatigue.
  • Fatigue is common during pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester.

Fatigue is a lack of energy, tiredness or weariness. It usually stems from a lack of sleep, but there are medical and psychological conditions that could cause physical and mental fatigue. Getting to the root cause is important to treat the fatigue caused by medical and psychological conditions. 

Fatigue is something that everyone experiences, but only a few can figure out the actual cause of fatigue. There are several reasons for fatigue, some serious and some minor. Take the time out to know what's causing your fatigue and find an effective treatment. 

fatigue during pregnancy

Causes of fatigue 

Diet – Diet is one of the main reasons for daytime fatigue. An inappropriate diet can sap your energy. Some of the food choices that deplete energy are red meat, coffee and alcohol. A well-rounded diet can help you overcome this loss of strength and energy.

Poor Digestion – Poor digestion is one culprit behind fatigue. If you eat five or six smaller meals instead of three large meals, your body will digest the meals better and you will have more energy to last long. 

Medication – There are certain medications that can cause fatigue as a side-effect. If you are on medications and experience fatigue, it is important to communicate with your physician. Ask if they can prescribe alternative medications that do not contribute to fatigue. 

Multiple Sclerosis – Those with multiple sclerosis (MS) experience daytime fatigues. A range of things, including sleep disturbance, pain, discomfort and anxiety often cause daytime fatigue. 

Pregnancy - Most women complain of reoccurring feelings of fatigue during pregnancy, particularly in the first trimester. A rapid increase in the hormone progesterone, frequent urination that disturbs your night's sleep and morning sickness can make pregnant women feel more fatigued. These feelings of weariness subside in the second trimester of pregnancy. 

The uncommon causes of fatigue

Allergies – Allergies such as allergic rhinitis can make the body go through a period of illness. As a result, it slows down and induces fatigue. If you have allergies and experiencing fatigue, treat allergies to deal with fatigue.

Anaemia – Iron-deficiency ‘anaemia’ often causes heavy blood loss and heavy menstrual bleeding and contributes to fatigue.

Insomnia – When you can’t fall asleep and stay up all night, you may get mild to extreme daytime fatigue. The reasons behind insomnia are anxiety, heartburn, medications, sleeping too much in the daytime, stimulants and stress.
Depression – Feeling blue or unhappy not only interferes with your everyday activities but could also cause moments of fatigue throughout the day. Fatigue as a result of depression usually clears up when the depression is treated. 

Some causes of fatigue can be treated or eliminated relatively easily. Since weakness and fatigue can be symptoms of a number of medical conditions or may appear as side-effects of certain medications, reoccurring fatigue should be brought to your physician's attention. It is important to have persistent weakness and fatigue diagnosed so as to determine the cause and treat it.

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