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National Dengue Day: 5 Reasons Why Your Baby Needs An Insect Repellent Cream

Insect-repellent creams, often infused with organic herbs and essential oils, keep mosquitos at bay, along with providing skin nourishment.

Varun Verma
Written by: Varun VermaUpdated at: May 16, 2023 18:07 IST
National Dengue Day: 5 Reasons Why Your Baby Needs An Insect Repellent Cream

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The arrival of summer brings the pesky insects that can harm your baby, leading to issues, like dengue. A Delhi-based study published by the journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases found a high incidence of dengue among children below the age of 15 with a clustering of cases in the community. Thus, it is crucial to find effective solutions to prevent it. This is where skin-friendly organic insect-repellent creams come into play. On this National Dengue Day, Dr Swathi Ramamurthy, Head – Research and Development, Herby Angel, explains five reasons why your baby needs an insect repellent cream.

According to Dr Ramamurthy, "These creams, often infused with organic herbs and essential oils, do not just keep mosquitos at bay, but also offer a range of benefits." 

Safeguarding Against Diseases 

Insect bites do not just cause skin irritation but also lead to diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya, which are easily avoidable by taking a few precautions.

Dr Ramamurthy said, "As the summer continues to get warmer, it gets harder to wear full coverage clothing. In that case, the best way to avoid mosquito or tick-borne diseases is to use a repellent cream. Applying an Ayurveda-backed insect repellent cream not only keeps your baby safe from harmful insect bites but also ensures that it happens safely."

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Shields Delicate Skin 

Your little angels have delicate skin that deserves top-notch care and safety. Dr Ramamurthy said, "Formulated specifically to be gentle and nourishing, organic insect-repellent creams offer a protective barrier against insect bites that often lead to skin irritation." 

She recommended opting for natural or Ayurvedic ingredient-based creams and lotions instead of chemical-laden repellents containing relatively harsh substances that may harm the baby's soft and sensitive skin. Organic insect-repellent creams are thoughtfully crafted using herbal ingredients that act as a shield to minimise the risk of allergic reactions for your baby, she added.

Stress-Free Playtime Outdoors

Dr Ramamurthy further said, "Insect-repellent creams are precisely prepared to ensure protection from all insect intrusions when your baby is out. These creams are made with natural ingredients and are often preferred by parents especially when travelling or spending time in the parks." So with no stress of insect bites in mind, you can let your little ones enjoy their playtime outdoors as much as they want.

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Peaceful Nights

"Not only do kid-friendly insect repellent creams prevent mosquito bites that can lead to skin issues, but they also ensure your little angel is not disturbed by buzzing noises and painful pricks that cause discomfort," said Dr Ramamurthy. 

A sound sleep is essential for an infant’s well-being and insect repellent creams provide your baby with exactly that. Moreover, insect-repellent creams available these days are enriched with essential oils, such as lavender that contribute to calm sleep and healthier skin.

Your Peace of Mind

When you know your dearest baby is safe and sound, you will not worry as much about things like mosquito-borne illnesses or skin allergies on their delicate skin. You can focus on being the best parent and let insect-repellent creams take care of your baby’s sound sleep and outdoor adventures.


Dr Ramamurthy concluded, "Applying insect-repellent creams is important, especially during the summers, to help your child grow in the most carefree way." Talk to your dermatologist before applying these insect-repellent creams to minimise the risk of allergic reactions.

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