Be Wary of Weight Loss Pills: Health Risks May Outweigh the Benefits

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Nov 07, 2017
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  • One of the common complaints of using weight loss pills is gastric problems.
  • Weight loss pills can lead to potent bodily discomfort.
  • These may increase one’s heart rate abnormally which may lead to an attack.
  • Think twice before choosing the approach to slim down, consult with a doctor.

Weight loss pills are the first choice for those who do not want to sweat it out at fitness centres or have time constraints to adopt a healthy way to lose extra pounds.

Weight loss pills may help shed excess fat easily and without wasting time, but in the process may inflict harms that vary from being mild to extremely dangerous. These pills drain fluids from the body through urine.  The lesser fluid in your body, the lesser you weigh. Weight loss pills do not reduce a person's body fat but only the amount of fluid their body is retaining.

People turn to weight loss pills, thinking of significant weight loss in a short period of time. Not the ideal way to slim down, these pills may seem to work at first but could prove fatal. Below are the reasons why you should avoid weight loss pills.



Digestive Problems

One of the common complaints of using weight loss pills is gastric problems. Most of the weight loss pills contain fat blockers, which might lead to indigestion, constipation, gas and even diarrhoea.


Vitamin Deficiency

Regular consumption of weight loss pills may deteriorate a body’s ability to absorb vitamins. As a result, one may suffer from vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency, also referred to as anaemia, can lead to scurvy, nervous system disorders and cause pregnancy complications in women. Moreover, the pills contain an element called sibutramine which triggers the sympathetic nervous system. One of the ways to deal with it is taking additional multivitamin pills.

Body discomfort

Weight loss pills can lead to potent bodily discomfort. Some of the common bodily discomforts that users face include- not having any control over one’s bowel movements, increased flatulence and oily stool. One may often experience muscle cramps or weakness when on pills to lose weight.


Hunger Suppression

Weight loss pills suppress hunger, which in turn leads to deliriums, hyperactivity, increased blood pressure, hot flushes and insomnia. Moreover, it may cause excessive dryness in mouth.


Heart Attack and Blood Pressure

Weight loss pills may increase one’s heart rate abnormally which can lead to an attack if not checked in time. When you are on weight loss pills, you increase the risk of arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm). People have also reported blood clots and high blood pressure after consumption of weight loss pills.

Other dangers of weight loss pills include:

  • Electrolyte abnormalities (imbalance in the level of electrolytes) such as chloride, sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphate and bicarbonate in the blood stream,
  • dizziness or light headedness,
  • blurred vision, confusion and restlessness
  • headache,
  • increased perspiration (sweating),
  • frequent urination, decrease in urine output or dark-coloured urine,
  • sore throat and
  • cough.


The Bottom Line

Don’t go by the phony claims. They will promise to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, help you lose weight quickly and what not. It is advised to think twice before choosing weight loss pills to slim down. If you still decide to try this approach, consult with a doctor so that you don’t put your health in trouble.


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