Reasons that can Cause Blood Cell Disorders

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Oct 29, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Blood cell disorders affect red and white blood cells.
  • All three types of blood cells can get affected.
  • These sisorders can be inherited from parents.
  • A disease can also lead to blood cell disorders.

Blood cell disorders refers to conditions that have adverse effects on the red and white blood cells and smaller circulating cells known as platelets. These three cell types develop in the bone marrow, which is a soft tissue found inside the bones. While the red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen to various organs of the body and tissues, the white blood cells help the body put up a fight against infections. The platelets help the blood to clot. Thus, when a person suffers from a blood cell disorder, the formation and function of one or more of these types of blood cells gets impaired.

Blood Cell Disorder

Blood Cell Disorder: The Types

There are several kinds of blood cell disorders that can be hazardous for your body. The most common types are:


It is a type of red blood cell disorder that is usually triggered by the deficiency of iron mineral in the blood. Iron is required for the production of protein hemoglobin, which helps the blood cells to carry oxygen from lungs to rest of the body.

Sickle Cell Anemia

The disorder gets its name because it causes the red blood cells to form sickle-like shapes. The shape of a usual red blood cell is like a disc. However, the genetic mutation makes the red blood cells of the patient to contain abnormal hemoglobin molecules and become rigid and curved. The out-of-shape red blood cells are inefficient in carrying as much oxygen to the tissues as normal blood cells.

Blood Cell Disorder

Pediatric Blood Cell Disorders (White Blood Cell Disorder)

These disorders usually affect the white blood cells in children. These disorders take place when the bone marrow produces too many or too few white blood cells. In cases where the white blood are too less, the body loses its fight against infections and in cases where there are too many white blood cells, it can put you at a risk of leukemia, certain infections or conditions like measles or whooping cough.

So, What Leads to Blood Cell Disorders?

The reason behind a blood cell disorder may be an underlying disease or it may be inherited from parents. Like, when a person eats a diet which lacks iron or suffers from a problem which prevents their body from absorbing iron from food, the body stops producing red blood cells. Besides, genetic conditions like polycythemia vera can also lead to the production of too many red blood cells in the body.

Genetics or an underlying disease causing the disorder on the blood cells can pose serious threat to a person’s life.

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