Rats to Solve the Mystery of Depression

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Sep 04, 2012

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Rats to solve the mystery of depression

A team of Israeli scientist conducted a study on rate to see how they coped with stress and hoped that the study would contribute to the several unfinished experiments to understand what caused human beings to be depressed and suicidal. The result of the study suggested that while exposure to stress in childhood contributes to increased risk of depression, what really exposure to stress in adolescence does is provide protection against suicidal behaviour and depression later in life. [Read: Causes of Depression in Children]

Lead researcher, Professor Gil Zalsman, deputy director and chief of child psychiatry division of Geha Mental Health Centre and associate professor in psychiatry at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine said that the case of adolescents being protected from depression and suicide later in life with exposure to stress is same even for adolescents, who were genetically predisposed to suicide. [Read: What are the Causes of Depression]

It was also revealed differences in the responses to stress between the rats with genetic predisposition to depression implying that these rats have behavioural and hormonal abnormalities that imitate those found in depressed human beings as well as rats devoid of the depression gene.



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