Prognosis of Wrist Sprain

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Feb 03, 2012

Wrist injuries such as a sprain or strain may be quite annoying considering that one is dependent on functional wrists and hands almost every day. Wrist sprain is an injury in which the ligaments of the wrist are stretched beyond their normal limits thereby, causing injury or tearing of this tissue. A ligament is a tough, fibrous tissue that connects bones to other bones. It helps to control the motion around a joint.  The ligaments around the wrist joint make the hand stable and allow controlled motions.

Prognosis of wrist sprain

Wrist sprain in most people ranges from mild to moderate injury. The symptoms (such as pain and swelling) usually improve in a few days i.e. within two to three days in case of mild wrist sprains and may take a few more days in case of moderate sprain.

In most cases, sprains of the wrist heal with time and therefore, the prognosis for recovery of wrist sprain is generally good in the long term (particularly for people, who do not practice sports, which can cause severe bending or twisting of the wrist or the risk of repeated injury).

If the sprain is severe (that is the ligament is torn completely), it can take a number of weeks or even months for the injury to heal completely. The pain may persist for months. This is especially true if the injury is not diagnosed or treated appropriately.

In some cases, the wrist sprain may get complicated. In such cases, the victim can develop problems such as chronic wrist pain, instability of the wrist joint and later develop degenerative changes in the joint.

Tips to improve the prognosis of wrist sprain:

  • Consult your doctor to diagnose the severity of the injury and recommend appropriate treatment.
  • Give rest to your wrist for 24-48 hours to hasten improvement of symptoms and limit further injury.
  • Start to use the involved wrist gradually and avoid any activities that cause pain.
  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding giving rest to joint, wearing support braces and physiotherapy (stretching and motion exercises) to hasten recovery to return to normal range of motion of the wrist after a sprain.




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