Prognosis of Chikungunya Fever

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Mar 18, 2011

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Chikungunya fever is a self limiting illness that resolves over time. The recovery from chikungunya varies according to the age and the immune system of the patient. If the immune system of person is strong enough, then recovery is within a few days or weeks after the onset of the disease.

Prognosis of chikungunya fever

Recovery in children


In comparison to adults, children are reported to be less affected by chikungunya fever.  In most of the cases skin rashes are the warning sign for chikungunya while in some , there is no severe symptom at all. The younger chikungunya patients recover within five to fifteen days post the onset of the disease.


Recovery in middle aged and elderly patients


It takes one to two months for a middle aged person to recover from chikungunya but in case of the elderly, it takes time to recover. Moreover, the severity of disease in middle aged people is also less than the elderly.


Recovery in pregnant women


There are no annoying symptoms of chikungunya infection or CHKV virus in pregnant women. Even though the intensity of chikungunya symptoms is less in pregnant women but in some of the cases certain complications can arise in delivery.  As for now there is no evidence of transmission of chikungunya virus through breast feeding.  Even the chance of virus transmission to the foetus is mostly rare.


Majority of chikungunya patients fully recover, but in some of the cases, chronic joint pain may persist even when the other symptoms have disappeared. Chikungunya is not a contagious disease. It spreads rapidly due to the proximity of mosquitoes breeding grounds.


Chikungunya virus is not a direct cause of death but along with other severe underlying health conditions, there can be fatal outcomes.


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