Pregnancy week thirty one - pregnancy week by week development

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May 10, 2011

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Gear up! Only 11 weeks are left for child birth. Week 31 is here.

Your weight will increase by 21 to 27 pounds

Baby’s weight is between 3 and half to 4 pounds and length around 15 inches

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to preventing constipation

During week 31 of pregnancy you are gaining weight very fast. So is your baby. Your appetite increases progressively as your baby looks for more nutrients.


Your face shines with the pregnancy glow and you can allow yourself the lavish treatment of manicures, pedicures, scented oil baths and gentle massages.

If the weight gain is troubling you, bear in mind that losing weight can be managed later but having a healthy baby cannot. 



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Symptoms of Pregnancy Week 31 – What to Expect?

  • Your weight will increase by 21 to 27 pounds. It is due to the baby’s weight and growing placenta, fat, uterus, water and amniotic fluid.
  • Your ligaments and muscles supporting the back are becoming relaxed so as to loosen enough for childbirth.
  • Your breasts are preparing for lactation leading to its increased size. You might also find the discharge of a creamy white fluid called colostrums. This can continue for a few days after pregnancy.
  • You may suffer from Braxton Hicks Contraction and some expectant mothers develop haemorrhoids because of the baby’s pressure on the rectum.
  • Haemorrhoids can cause constipation.
  • Your appetite would continue increasing as your baby uses up all the nutrients for their growth.
  • You will find it difficult to find a suitable resting and sleeping position because of the baby’s growth.
  • Frequent urination continues as your baby puts pressure on uterus.


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Baby’s Development in Pregnancy Week 31

  • Baby’s weight is between 3 and half to 4 pounds and length around 15 inches.
  • The baby continues to grow at a fast rate and fatty layer develops around him.
  • The baby’s lung function is well developed and they expand and deflate in breathing.
  • The lungs produce surfactant that will prevent the lungs from collapsing after birth.
  • Baby’s faculty of hearing is completely developed at this stage and he can hear sounds outside the womb clearly.
  • The baby urinates too at this stage of pregnancy, about half a litre per day.

Advice for Pregnancy Week 31

  • Do not sleep on your back and try sleeping on left side with pillows between your legs.
  • You need to increase your diet in proportion to the nutrients needed by your baby.
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to preventing constipation.
  • To avoid haemorrhoids, take a warm bath with baking soda and treat it with tuck pads or the prescribed lotion for swelling or bleeding.
  • Your doctor will test your amniotic fluid for checking whether the baby is taking in the required nutrition.
  • If you are wondering about choosing between breast and bottle feeding, choose the former for your good health and that of the baby.


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