Predibiatase is the condition when your blood sugar is higher than normal but does not do much, which is called diabetes. Usually, you do not see symptoms, and you get grippe by this disease.


Prediabetes: 5 Easy Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes And Stroke

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jul 19, 2019 09:53 IST
Prediabetes: 5 Easy Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Diabetes And Stroke

Prediabetes is the condition when your blood sugar is higher than normal but not as much as a diabetic patient. Usually, you do not see symptoms, and the disease attacks your body without any sign or symptom. You can find this by making a simple blood test. If you are overweight or if your age is more than 45 and you do not even exercise, then you have a high risk of prediabetes. Due to non-treatment, you are more at risk for type 2 diabetes and heart-related diseases but with the help of a few steps, you can change this situation.

Lose Weight

You may find a terrible task to lose weight, but there is no big deal in this. If you reduce your body weight by just 7 percent, then it can make a huge difference. However, It is more important to eat a healthy low-calorie diet daily. Perhaps, it's time to pay attention to the following things:

  • weight
  • eating habits
  • physical activities

Eat Healthily

Filling your half plate with non-starchy vegetables is a very good start towards eating healthy. A quarter of your plate should be of starch food. Apart from this, chicken, fish, beans, etc. can be used in one-quarter of the remaining. Be very cautious with fried, deep-fried food or carbs such as pasta because they can increase your blood sugar.


It's time to get out of the house and burn some calories which will help you lose weight faster and you could feel better. Don't worry as you do not have to prepare for the marathon. You can lose weight by walking 30 minutes daily, five times a week. Making some workouts friends can also sometimes help you stay connected with it, so call a friend or join a gym and keep doing something new. Here are some instances of physical exercise:

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  • Aerobic exercise that includes walking, swimming, dancing
  • weight lifting 
  • pushups and pull-ups

Get Proper Sleep

Your sleeping time will help keep your blood sugar at a normal level. If you have the following symptoms:

  • difficulty while sleeping 
  • wake up early
  • sleep less than 5 hours in the night 

then you are more likely to get diabetes. About 7 or 8 hours of sleep is considered mandatory at night. Do not drink alcohol or caffeine at night (before sleep). For better sleep fix a routine and sleep daily at the right (fix) time. Moreover, try to create an atmosphere of peace in your bedroom.

Quit Smoking And Alcohol

If you are addicted to smoking or drinking, then now is the time to quit it. Smokers are generally at risk of having type 2 diabetes, and the chances are 30 to 40 percent higher than non-smokers. If you have diabetes and you still smoke or drink then your condition can get worse and your blood sugar can get out of control.

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