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9 Common Post COVID 19 Symptoms You Need To Be Aware Of

Symptoms of COVID-19 can sometimes persist for months. Read ahead to know some of them.

Tanya Srivastava
Written by: Tanya SrivastavaPublished at: May 21, 2022Updated at: May 21, 2022
9 Common Post COVID 19 Symptoms You Need To Be Aware Of

We win the battle against COVID 19, but it also has an impact on physical and mental health. During COVID 19 we had to face health-related problems, loss of loved ones, helplessness, hunger, economic problems etc. Everything takes time to relieve by planning and taking extra care for ourselves. After that, we can only say that we are taking the next step to fight the COVID 19 but we are not able to finish the side effects of the disease properly. Symptoms of COVID-19 can sometimes persist for months. The virus can damage the lungs, heart and brain, increasing the risk of long-term health problems.

Older people or people suffering from any other disease take a long time to recover and after recovery, they suffer from the following post COVID symptoms. Young people also fight these symptoms. To overcome the stage, we need to be aware of the symptoms and prevention.

Post COVID 19 symptoms you need to beware of

OnlyMyHealth editorial team in an exclusive interaction with Dr. Rita Bakshi, IVF Expert, and senior Gynecologist, Founder RISAA IVF brings to you the nuances post COVID-19 that you should beware of. Following are some symptoms one might catch during and after COVID-19 and also how you can deal with it.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue is very common but it makes you feel lethargic and tired, saps your energy, and eats away at your ability to function. You feel dizzy when you stand and weakness for some time. Depending on the severity of your COVID-19 infection, it can last for 2 to 3 weeks or more depending on the patient.

2. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

The feeling of shortness of breath may continue for a while after your illness. This is a normal part of the recovery process.


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3. Cough

You may continue to experience a dry cough for some time. Over time, a cough can develop into a cycle, where excessive coughing causes irritation and inflammation, which worsens the cough. You can take steam for some time to avoid the cough.

4. Joint, Chest, Muscle pain or headache

Body pain after the COVID 19 is common and it takes time to be normal.

5. Memory, concentration or sleep problems

Most people who have had COVID will recover with no long-term impact on their memory and concentration. Some people experience mild difficulties that don't last for long.

6. Fast or pounding heartbeat

If you are experiencing a rapid heartbeat or palpitations, you should contact your doctor. A temporary increase in heart rate can be caused by a lot of different things, including dehydration. Make sure you are drinking enough fluids, especially if you have a fever.

7. Loss of smell or taste

During COVID you can lose the smell and taste of food due to illness but there is no need to worry its become normal after sometime. You have to maintain patience.

8. Depression or anxiety

Due to fear of COVID, an environment of negative thoughts, you can feel depression during the illness and after that you can worry about the family and other factors. Through meditation you can relieve depression or anxiety.


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9. Worsened symptoms after physical or mental activities

COVID 19 impact on mental health as well as physical health. Stress, depression, cough and other elements.

It is important to remember that most people who have COVID-19 recover quickly. But the potentially long-lasting problems from COVID-19 make it even more important to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following precautions. Precautions include wearing a mask, social distancing, avoiding crowds, getting vaccinated when available and keeping hands clean.

(With inputs from Dr. Rita Bakshi, IVF Expert, and senior Gynecologist, Founder RISAA IVF)