Position of the Baby During Pregnancy

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Feb 09, 2012

Position of the baby during pregnancyThe position of the baby during pregnancy affects both, labor and birth. The baby’s position keeps on changing during pregnancy. Till the 36th week the baby’s position is not a thing to concern as it tends to change later on.

During pregnancy, babies often twist, stretch and tumble. Normally at the time of delivery, the baby takes a position which allows them to be delivered headfirst through the birth canal. There are various positions of the baby during pregnancy.


Occiput Anterior   

This is also called facing downward position and is the most preferable fetal position. At this position labor is always straightforward. In this position the baby faces the mother's back with his back to one side of the mother's abdomen. With the face down and turned slightly to the side, the smallest part of the baby's head leads the way through the birth canal.


Occiput Posterior

If baby is lying with his back against the mother's back and facing the maternal abdomen, the position is termed occiput posterior or facing upwards. At this position normal vaginal birth is not possible as baby can't extend his or her head out from under the pubic bone. If the position doesn’t change at the end of the 1st stage of labor, C-section assisted delivery is performed.



In this position baby's buttocks faces down and his head is just under the mother's ribs. The doctor might try to rotate the baby at 37th week. A caesarean is always recommended if the baby remains in the breech position.


Transverse Lie

It is also known as the oblique lie position. In transverse lie or TR the baby’s head lie towards the mother's left or right side and it lies diagonally across the uterus. This position occurs when the baby is too small and gets ample space to rotate. Caesarean is done in such position.


Unstable Lie

Some babies keep changing positions even after week 37. In unstable lie situations, labor may be induced when baby has his head down. Generally normal delivery is done in such position.

Few things a woman can do to bring the baby in normal position during labor:

  • While sitting keep the knees lower than the hips.
  • Always lean slightly while standing.
  • Always do breaststroke while swimming.
  • Kneel and lean over a beanbag when watching TV.

Babies can turn and can take any position during pregnancy. By proper care and with the help of your medical provider you can give birth to a healthy normal child.


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