Pollution can cause Autism, Schizophrenia: UR study

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Jun 07, 2014

Exposure to even bits of pollution can make one more sick than you may have thought. Even small amounts of pollution can cause minor respiratory troubles such as sneezing or coughing. And, these minor problems may escalate and irritate very young brains. So was established by a UR study.

pollutionFor the study, mice younger than 2 weeks were exposed to really small particles of pollutants. It was seen that their brains incurred damage that is consistent with the changes in brain that occur in humans when they develop diseases such as schizophrenia or autism.

Deborah Cory-Slenchta, professor of environmental medicine at the University of Rochester said, “That does not, however, directly imply that air pollution causes either of the diseases”. Even though it’s a long way from doing research with mice to find reasons with humans, Cory-Slechta added that the results can lead to regulations on even the slightest type of pollutant particle.

Schizophrenia is a disease that interferes with the person’s ability to think rationally, make decisions, manage emotions and relate to others. Autism and autism spectrum disorder are terms used for a complex number of disorders in the development of the brain. The disorders may be present in varying degrees and may also include difficulties in social situations, nonverbal and verbal communication as well as repetitive behaviours.

The causes of these diseases are a source of confusion as well as controversy. Cory-Slechta said that at a particular point, autism may be thought of as a childhood form of schizophrenia. Like many complex disorders, it's not just one factor. If you think of it as a bucket and the rain drops are coming in, and the rain drops are risk factors for autism. Maybe some of the rain drops are genetic predisposition. Maybe the mother also had an infection during pregnancy and maybe the mother lives in a place where there are higher levels of air pollution. In the analogy, the more rain in the bucket, the greater the risk”, she said.

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