Pills to Reset Night-shift Workers' Body Clock

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jan 17, 2015

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Most people know that our biological functions use a circadian system comprised of a central clock located deep within the centre. Soon we can have a pill to reset the body clock.

pill for body clockA team of researchers Douglas Mental Health University Institute, with the administration of glucocorticoid tablets, a class of hormones used as powerful anti-inflammatory compounds to treat various diseases. They found that there is a way that could act on the different parts of the circadian system so that these rhythms can be adjusted to inverted sleep schedules.

The researchers studied the rhythmic expression of clock genes in white blood cells to see how they adjusted in response to glucocorticoids. They examined 16 healthy volunteers who were studied in temporal isolation chambers. It was found that the peripheral biological clocks located in white blood cells can be synchronised through the administration of glucocorticoid tablets.

The study suggests the association between biological rhythms and immune function. The study was published in The FASEB Journal.




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