The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Silence

True beauty unfolds in silence and unveils itself secretly in mysterious ways without feeling the need to make noise.

Sambhav Kumar
Written by: Sambhav KumarUpdated at: Mar 24, 2023 09:30 IST
 The Physical And Mental Health Benefits Of Silence

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The beauty of silence is evident in the intricate elements of nature and its myriad forms: the transition of a caterpillar to a butterfly in the four walls of a cocoon, the melodious chirping of birds on a foggy morning, the silent formation of dew drops on the realms of a green leaf, the miraculous blooming of a flower, and the tapestry of mesmerising colours of sunset and sunrise.

True beauty unfolds in silence and unveils itself secretly in mysterious ways without feeling the need to make noise. Human beings were born with the ability to cope with noise, right from the time they were placed in the womb, with the first sound being the heartbeat of the mother. And as the years progress, they are exposed to learning institutes that teach them to think, communicate, and be actively involved, but never the mechanism and art of being silent. Sadly, our institutes deliver young adults with a lack of exuberance, limited focus, high anxiety levels, depression, and a string of stress-related physical ailments like cardiac arrests. A meaningful, peaceful, and thriving life cannot be attained without incorporating the holy grail of silence.

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Sharing her experience, Suniti Vadalkar, Associate Professor - Design, Art and Performance, says that the power of silence is real, and in an increasingly noisy world, manifesting quietude can truly help you heal. Healing can happen through mastering the art of silence, which can improve your mental and physical health dramatically by giving you a chance to become more mindful and productive.

Importance Of Inculcation Of Silence In The Era Of Technology

Technology plays a vital role in the era that we live in today. This can make seeking solitude an afterthought. The first step towards inculcating silence is to make a conscious decision to give your mental health priority over all other aspects, and then make a conscious effort to incorporate techniques that will allow you to experience the soulful magnanimity and power of silence.

Take Self Responsibility

How distressing can silence really be? Have you sensed calm in a very long time? Have you been feeling tired and unproductive most days? The real key to unlocking the potent potion of silence is to take self-responsibility to feel stress-free, productive, and awakened. The secret to achieving it is to take a pause from the monotony and bask in the glory of those moments of peace to be able to reap the mental and health benefits eventually.

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Making small, consistent efforts to heal can start with simple, mindful lifestyle changes like choosing to drive without the reverberating sounds of the radio, turning off the television while whipping up your favorite meal, a social-media detox, or a gossip-free lunch break. While it may feel oddly strange to give up on these noise mechanisms at the beginning, you will eventually find yourself drawn to the beauty and sheer peace of stillness. It is as simple as devouring the stillness of a precious moment without the cacophony of sound. It is as simple as being mindful of the ravaging effects of sound and creating mechanisms to embrace silence with discerning pleasure and gratification.

Doing the inner work to achieve peace is a necessity for all of us. It is important to take on the responsibility of aligning ourselves with the universe—with an energy that allows us to connect with our inner spirits and transcend us to a dimension that is beyond our comprehension.