Pet therapy to lose weight

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Feb 01, 2013

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Pet therapy to lose weightLosing weight via pet way! This may sound absurd, but when you combine your daily routine of activities around your pet, this can be achieved.


A recent study concluded in The Journal of Nutrition reveals that pet owners, who are overweight, are three times more likely to have overweight pets. Now we know whose stomach is treated as a left-over food stock.

Here are a few ways by which we can lose weight in simple ways:


Solution number 1:


Run run run... Give him company!

Allow the dog to come out in your family outings. This will not only help you in strengthening your own bonds with dog but will also help you to take inspiration from your pet in order to work out. Initiate by including dog in your family routine. Take a mild walk after dinner with him or an early morning walk soon after you get up.


Solution number 2:


You and your pet can be buddies in morning exercise regimen:

Yes, some pets do tend to act as a morning alarm clock for you. Now, it is up to you how you can use this opportunity to its fullest. Play around with him as much as you can. He will create a mess around, now again by clearing the clutter you can remain active.


Solution number 3:


 Adhere to fixed food timings:

All pet masters make sure they serve their pets food on perfect intervals of time. In the same way, make sure you’re fixing you food intake regime. Don’t indulge in extra temptations. Prepare a fixed eating plan and stick to it as much as you can.


Solution number 4:


The play time can be for both – you and your pet!

Be it in the morning or evening, make sure you are accompanying your pet when it comes to taking him out for his play time. Make sure you’re not dependant on your house help for it. This way, both you and your pet would manage spending some buddy time together and would also help in playing in a physically active way with your pet.

In the end, one must remember that working out can be fun and when it is accompanied with your own pet, it can be a double joy ride.



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