Levels of Learning in Reiki

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Aug 02, 2011

There are three levels in which reiki is learnt, many schools divide the training into four or more levels. A person who wants to learn reiki gets attuned by a reiki master in the following three levels after an interval of some months where the student needs to practice.

  • The first degree of reiki: a start to the reiki training which can take a full day or two half-day sessions. The history of reiki is told to the students apart from the first attunement by the master and practicing sessions. The hand positions of reiki are taught while explaining what the positions are meant to treat. After the first initiation, the student can practice self-healing as well as healing others through hand positions.
  • The second degree of reiki: after practicing the first degree of reiki, a second attunement is given by the reiki master to a willing student. Various symbols of reiki are taught which enables reiki treatment to be given or sent through time and space. After the second degree of reiki one can even do distant healing which means time and space are no barriers to receiving reiki healing. Reiki is said to heal both past and future while present conditions are healed.
  • The third degree of reiki: in this level an individual can gain mastery of reiki and can even start teaching reiki to others. After a student has efficiently practiced level two of reiki, the third degree is the next level where making a crystal grid is taught. With the help of crystal grids more energy can be manifested and healing becomes more powerful. Distant healing and level three of reiki can help one provide healing to animate and inanimate things. Reiki treatment apart from being given to people can also be given to plants, non-living things, the earth, relationships and others.

Master level can also be reached by a willing and dedicated student where special symbols are taught and training is given in doing attunements.



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