6% People around the World addicted to Internet

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Dec 20, 2014

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A study has revealed that 6 per cent of people are suffering from internet addiction worldwide.

internet-addcitionAccording to the researchers at the University of Hong Kong, the increasing prevalence of internet addiction is one of the reasons behind the rise in health and interpersonal relationship troubles. Internet addiction ranges from a low of 2.6 per cent in Northern and Western Europe to a high of 10.9 per cent in the Middle East.

The researchers presented 164 internet addiction prevalence figures, with an overall global prevalence estimate of 6 per cent. Data was taken from more than 89,000 individuals in 31 countries.

The study authors described factors associated with higher Internet addiction prevalence and how it relates to individuals’ quality of life. According to them, the findings provide initial support for the inverse relationship between quality of life and internet addiction. However, they are not sure that high Internet accessibility promote such addiction.

Internet addiction is an impulse-control problem marked by an inability to inhibit internet use which can adversely affect a person’s life.

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