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Yeast Infection In Men: Symptoms, Causes And Risks Of Penile Yeast Infection

Yeast infection can occur in men too. Here are some symptoms, causes and risks of having penile yeast infection.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Apr 04, 2022 17:16 IST
Yeast Infection In Men: Symptoms, Causes And Risks Of Penile Yeast Infection

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Any type of infection in the body is capable of creating complications with your health. Yeast infection that usually occurs to women is also a very painful and discomforting situation that needs immediate treatment in order to avoid severities. What usually people, especially men do not know about yeast infection is that they can be affected by it too. Yeast infection in men takes the form of penile yeast infection which creates a variety of problems and symptoms that could be very problematic for your health. This infection could spread into your bloodstream if you do not give attention to it. Let us understand about this condition and be aware about symptoms and causes of penile yeast infection in men.

What is Penile Yeast Infection?

Any type of infection can be dangerous for your health. We spoke to Dr. Piyush Gupta, Senior Urologist and Consultant at Ivory Hospital, Greater Noida. He said that the infection on your penis can be particularly problematic because it can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation. Apart from this, it could causes rashes and while spots on the tip of penis which could create pain and spread infection to the bloodstream. Penile yeast infection can be spread because of having sex with female partner that has got yeast infection. Even though this seems as the most common reason of penile yeast infection, it is not the only cause of having this infection. Most men have yeast infection in their penis because of poor hygiene. It is best to take precautions as soon as you notice any symptom of penile yeast infections.


Symptoms of Penile Yeast Infection

Usually most of the symptoms of penile yeast infection are similar to other conditions occurring on the penis. The symptoms of yeast infection in men are divided into two stages, the early stage and then the late stage. If the symptoms are noticed in early stages, the severity of infection can be prevented. Here are some symptoms you must know-

Early symptoms include-

  • Red rashes on penis
  • Shiny patches on the tip of penis
  • Skin on the penis appears to be moist
  • Thick white substance to be found on the fore skin or folds of skin of penis

If these symptoms are ignored, then the person can have more severe forms of penile yeast infection such as in which symptoms are-

  • Redness on the skin of penis
  • Itching or irritation 
  • Burning sensation or feeling on the penis

These could also be symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. So in any case, do not ignore these symptoms and consult an urologist as soon as possible. 

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Causes of Penile yeast infection in men

The yeast infection which is caused in men is because of the fungus. It is called candida and is present in the body already. In general it is in a very small amount and does not harm the body but even a small overgrowth of this fungus could result to yeast infection. Moist environment is ideal situation for any fungus to grow, hence it is important to keep your private areas clean. 


The most common cause of penile yeast infection is because of unprotected sexual intercourse. Yeast infection is common in women, and when you indulge in sexual intercourse with someone having yeast infection, and then it develops on your penis as well. Poor hygiene can make it worse and spread the infection more quickly in your body. It could also go into your blood stream and make the situation worse. 

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Penile Yeast infection Risk Factors

Here are some risk factors that could increase the risk of having this yeast infection in males-

  • Having unprotected sexual intercourse
  • Being uncircumcised
  • Poor hygiene and not bathing regularly
  • Prolonged use of antibiotics
  • Having diabetes of being obsess
  • Because of having impaired immune system and cancer treatments
  • HIV infection

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