Penile Fractures: Causes, Signs, and Treatment

The penis quickly loses its rigidity when the popping sound is heard.

Written by: Updated at: Nov 27, 2022 16:58 IST
Penile Fractures: Causes, Signs, and Treatment

It's crucial to get medical attention immediately, if you ever experienced a popping or cracking sound while your penis is erect. This could be an indication of penile fracture, a serious injury.  A penile fracture is different from other fractures in the body as the penis has no bones. Your penis can ‘break’ if it is bent or struck while it is upright. 

What Is A Penile Fracture?

During an erection, your penis has two columns or cylinders that are like sponges filled with blood that make the penis hard. One column is a corpus cavernosum and two are called the corpora cavernosa. A protective layer called the tunica albuginea covers these columns. The rubbery tissue sheath that lies beneath the skin and permits the penis to enlarge in both width and length to achieve a hard erection is known as the tunica albuginea. When the tunica albuginea is torn open, your penis is considered ‘broken’ or ‘fractured’. Sometimes the erectile tissue beneath the tunica albuginea also ruptures.

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Reason Behind Penile Fracture

Penile fracture occurs when the tunica albuginea of the penis is broken by rapid trauma or bending of the penis. Strenuous sexual activity is the reason behind most of the penile fractures. It is commonly accepted that there is a more chance of penile fracture when a lady is in top position during sexual intercourse. Penile fracture can also occur in other positions too.  Forceful masturbation can also be the reason behind a penile fracture. Aggressive bending of the erect penis can also tear the tunica albuginea of penis.

The penis quickly loses its rigidity when the popping sound is heard. When the penis breaks it leads to the ‘eggplant deformity’, which can cause swelling and bruising of penis.

Symptoms Related To Penile Fracture

Your penis may be sore or damaged after getting a direct strike to the genitalia. The harm of a penile fracture is very serious. The following signs and symptoms point to a potential fracture:

  • A popping or cracking sound is made when it occurs.
  • Acute discomfort that might or might not last.
  • Loss of erection right away.
  • Blood collecting beneath the skin results in bruising and swelling.
  • Blood in the urinal or on the penis's tip

Treatment Of Penile Fracture

Surgery is frequently needed for penile fractures. The tunica albuginea and corpus cavernosum tears will be repaired with stitches by the surgeon. By the help of surgery capacity to have erections is restored or maintained, and urine function is preserved.

Following surgery for a penile fracture, you can spend a few days in the hospital. It will take several months for the fracture to totally heal after surgery. You will be scheduled for follow-up visits to make sure the wound is healing correctly and that you are not experiencing any urinary issues. You must undergo additional examinations and perhaps imaging tests to examine the  veins and arteries of penis to gauge blood flow and gauge the healing process.

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