Pain in Older Adults linked with Resltless Sleep

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Feb 14, 2014

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pain in elderlyA new study says that while waking up and not resting enough is annoying, it is also one of the biggest risk factors for developing widespread pain in older adults. Such widespread pain affects different parts of the body and that main characteristics of fibromyalgia seem to affect about 15 percent of women and about 10 percent of men who are over the age of 50.

British researchers had compiled demographic data in order to identify the triggers of such widespread pain and the physical and mental health of more than 4,300 adults who were older than 50. The result showed that about 2,700 of them had some pain at the start of the study but none of them had any widespread pain.

The study results were published on February 13th in Arthritis and Rheumatology and it showed that restless sleep, anxiety, and memory problems and poor health play a role in the development of such type of pain. It was found that19 percent of the participants had new widespread pain three years after the study began.

This new pain which develops in different parts of the body was found to be worse for those people who had some pain at the beginning of the study. Out of those who had experienced some prior pain about 25 percent of them had new widespread pain and 8 percent of those with no pain at the start of the study had pain three years later.

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