Quit Smoking for a Better Mental Health

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 13, 2014

You must have heard so many times that smoking kills. It does! Not just your body but your mind too. A new study has suggested that you must kick the butt for sound physical and mental health.

harmful effects of smokingThe analysis done on 4800 daily smokers in the United States was conducted through two surveys three years apart. The investigators found that those who had an addiction or other mental health problems in the first survey were less likely to have those issues in the second survey if they'd quit smoking.

According to the first survey, 40 percent participants had mood or anxiety disorders, 50 percent had alcohol problems and 24 percent had drug issues. The second survey showed positive results with 29 percent of those who'd quit smoking had mood disorders, compared with 42 percent of those who still smoked. Alcohol problems were reported by 18 percent of quitters and 28 percent of ongoing smokers, and drug problems affected 5 percent of quitters and 16 percent of those who still smoked.

While the findings suggested a strong link between quitting smoking and improved mental health, the researchers could not prove a cause-and-effect relationship because they sis not find find an association between the two.

The study findings were released online Feb. 11 in the journal Psychological Medicine.


Source: HealthDay Reporter

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