Overcome Age Obsession with the Right Perspective

Ageing is a natural and normal process of life, but most of us feel anxious about it. It could be so because we think we haven't achieved as much as we wanted or what others our age already have. With the right frame of mind, you can age gracefull

Ariba Khaliq
Mental HealthWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Dec 22, 2017Updated at: Jul 02, 2018
Overcome Age Obsession with the Right Perspective

When we were younger, getting older was a cool thing. It meant more privileges, more freedom, and a chance to know what really happens in “A certificate” movies. And now that we are all grown up, an increase in the number of years we have lived causes us a pinch of stomach-churning anxiety.

Even the most relatively happy people can be a little upset about age and they aren’t alone. The world we live in today is very youth-obsessed and it constantly sees lists of millionaires who were successful even before they graduated college. This makes us to push as much as possible and ASAP. And the thought “why haven’t I accomplished X yet?” keeps us struggling against our age. Here are tips to get over this feeling and instead, feel amazing about yourself at any age.

Acknowledge That It’s Normal

Growing up with all the guideposts about where you should be at a certain age puts a lot of pressure on us. When we grow up, and all the peers go on a different path, we tend to become more competitive. This competition is not just with the world but with ourselves too. We often think if we are normal for our age, or if we have achieved as much as we should have. Recognise this is a feeling everybody goes through- all your friends who are doing better than you and even celebrities your age who are doing great for themselves. It is normal to feel like you have aged and haven’t accomplished enough.

Accept Your Age

Growing old is natural and you can’t help it. But when you realise that you are ageing and accept it, you age gracefully. Age is a part of the circle of life and it lets you gather experiences at every stage, be it the childhood, teenage, youth or senior years. Just make memories and take them forward on the path of life.

Don’t Plan Life in Terms of Deadlines

Setting goals and deadlines to plan your life isn’t the right approach. This way, you are bound to feel that you are ageing. There is no need to set a certain age for getting employed, married, promoted, so on and so forth. When you set milestones to your age, you will feel disappointed in yourself if you don’t reach your goal by that age. Your efforts should be focussed on achieving your targets and not their link with the age.

Gain a Perspective

To be honest, when you were a kid, you always wanted to grow up and enjoy the privileges you are enjoying now. So, instead of feeling bad about getting old, feel happy that you are where your younger self always wanted to be.

Improve the Present

If you find yourself thinking about how things are and that they will never get better, you should make efforts to improve what you don’t like about your present. When you will be happy being in your present, you will not think about being somewhere else. An improved quality of life with passing years will not make you feel about ageing.

Ageing is normal and you shouldn’t stop yourself from doing things because you feel old. Do things you enjoy, things that will make you feel young. Incorporate more fun activities into your life and pursue them, as long as they are not detrimental to your health.

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