Ovarian Cancer Detection: Thousands Of Women’s Lives Could Be Saved By This Blood Test

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Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jun 21, 2019 11:09 IST
Ovarian Cancer Detection: Thousands Of Women’s Lives Could Be Saved By This Blood Test

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Ladies here's a piece of good news for you. As per the study, a new blood test has been invented by the scientists which will catch the early signs of ovarian cancer in the early stage and it will save thousands of women from this fatal disease. As per scientists, not only the early stage but this test will also help in surgery. It will help to reduce the dangers caused during surgery.


Before knowing about the blood test, one must know why this ovarian cancer is known as 'the silent killer'. Ovarian cancer is generally not discovered in early stages. Moreover, it has no specific symptoms which could get detected and later on when it's diagnosed it becomes difficult to treat the disease. Hence, it is advised to get the test for ovarian cancer done every 6 months.

Generally, it is seen that women who have issues of bloating or lifestyle issues are asked to get the tests done. 85% of women have cysts, therefore they are asked to get an ultrasound scan to look for deformity. But the saddest part is, that the only cure to this cancer is surgery. but now there's a solution, so let's have a look at the features of this new revolutionary blood test.

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According to Swedish researchers, the new blood test examines eleven proteins in the blood which can be used as a screening tool. Research suggests that it could analyze women with anomaly ultrasound scans that do not have the ailment. This new blood test is being anticipated as it could decrease the growth rates of surgeries. The research is published in the journal Communications Biology.

According to Professor Ulf Gyllensten, the results from the new blood test is good enough to detect the early stages of ovarian cancer. He has seen great outlooks for the future of designing a plan for screening for ovarian cancer and could save numerous lives of women. The team of researchers will now continue to assess the test and will perform a huge study based on questionnaires and surveys. Professor Ulf Gyllensten is from Uppsala University.

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Professor Karin Sundfeldt said that they need to cultivate more precise diagnostics for pre-surgery. To examine one cancer up to 5 women go under the surgery. However, this may not sound good, it is the best available option right now. All the deformities are examined by ultrasound and cancer is detected. Professor added that this blood test is much needed, as it could easily analyze those women who may not need to be operated. Professor Karin Sundfeldt is from the University of Gothenburg.

Do you know that in the United Kingdom every year approximately seven thousand five hundred women are determined with ovarian cancer? And out of them, more than 4000 women die every year. Therefore early detection of this fatal disease is the only key to save a woman's life. 

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