Outdoor play good for your Child’s Better Vision

Outdoor play good for your Child’s Better Vision: Kids who spend more time outdoors are less likely to develop nearsightedness.

Vatsal Anand
Tips for ParentWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 02, 2011
Outdoor play good for your Child’s Better Vision

Outdoor play good for your Child Better VisionBritish researchers have revealed another reason to encourage your kids for outdoor activities. The Cambridge University study has shown that more of outdoor activities can prevent the kids from developing near-sightedness. Since the children need to focus on objects farther away and get exposed to natural light much more when they are out in the sun, it improves their eyesight.

The data they have reviewed has revealed that the kids who suffer from myopia or nearsightedness spend 3.7 fewer hours out of the house. The researchers gathered data from 8 different studies and their analysis shows that odds of a child being nearsighted dip by two percent, with the increase of every hour spent outside, per week.

One of the researchers of the Cambridge University study, Anthony Khawaja said that increasing a child’s outdoor activities is an uncomplicated and inexpensive way of improving their eyesight and general health. He added that there is need for further studies to evaluate which factor in particular helped in improving eyesight the most, i.e. whether it is increased distance vision, lessening of instances of near vision, exposure to natural ultra-violet light or physical activity.

Myopia is a common problem all over the world with 42 percent of American and over 80 percent of Asian population suffering from it, in one way or the other. Children and teenagers have been more affected by it in the past few decades. So, it is one more reason for parents to encourage their kids to go out and play in the sun.


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