Organ transplant: Give a new lease of life

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Aug 12, 2016

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This organ transplantation day, let’s spread the awareness about the benefits of  donating the organs. In India, the process of organ transplantation is not so easy as there are much hindrances in proceedings.


organ transplant


As of now, about one-third of the organs are lost because a brain dead patient dies before harvests can happen. The organs like heart stop getting oxygenated blood and the muscle cell dies.

Since 2014, when doctors in Australia successfully transplanted hearts donated after circulatory death -when they stop beating -surgeons across the world have attempted similar transplants. Although a few hospitals, mostly private ones, have gone ahead with kidney transplants, many haven't managed to make it big with heart or lung transplant.

In India, the first liver transplant without any blood or blood product transfusion in Andhra Pradesh was held. This transplant was performed at a corporate hospital in the Healthcity, Arilova recently. The surgery was performed on a 54-year-old male patient on July 30. Now this  patient is recovered and is all set to be discharged.


Hopefully, in coming years India will experience more successful cases of organ transplant.


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