Now Forget Spending Long Hours on Dentist’s Chair

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May 06, 2014

Filling MaterialIf sitting on the dentist’s chair for long hours seemed to be a cumbersome task, then the new photoactive material will come as a relief to you.

The new dental filling material, which is based on the element Germanium, hardens fast and saves a lot of time.
In the present scenario, the white composite filling materials are based on photoactive materials which harden only when they are exposed to light.

But because the light cannot reach the material very deeply, it takes a lot of time to harden it. This makes the patients sit through a burdensome procedure.

The depth of penetration of the light depends on its wavelength. Robert Liska from Vienna University of Technology said "usually, light in the violet and ultraviolet region is used".

The light used in the procedure, which is meant to harden the material, can be of longer wavelengths and can penetrate deeper into the material. But, in this case the ploymerisation process will be less efficient.

The procedure can cause uneasiness in the patients when the filling cannot be hardened in one go. In such a situation, the procedure has to be repeated several times.

But according to the study, this uneasiness can be reduced with the advent of new Germanium-based molecule.

The molecules split into two parts by blue light which creates radicals that start a chain reaction. The molecular compounds already there in the filling assemble into polymers causing the material hardens.

The Germanium-bases photo initiator was made at the Vienna University of Technology and tested by Ivoclar Vivadent.

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