Nighttime Skin Care Routine for Different Skin Types

Night skin care routine is as important as the one you follow during the day. But for every skin type you need to follow a different skin care routine. Here is your complete guide for nighttime skin care according to your skin type.

Varsha Vats
Skin CareWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Jun 15, 2019Updated at: Jun 15, 2019
Nighttime Skin Care Routine for Different Skin Types

No matter what your skin type is, a night skincare regime is a must for everyone. Your body and skin repair and rejuvenate itself the most while we are asleep. So, it is very important to follow an appropriate night time skincare routine which nourishes and prepares the skin for the next day. As every skin type needs different care and attention, there is a need to follow different skin care routine for each skin type. Here is your complete guide for nighttime skin care routine according to your skin type.

For Oily Skin:

If you want to fix the stickiness on your face and blot the unwanted oil from your skin, then you must resort to a skin care routine which can help you combat them while you sleep. Everyone with oily skin must use gentle products that do not over dry the skin and also prevent breakouts.

Start with removing your makeup with a gentle cleansing lotion, follow up with an oil control face wash, and hydrate your skin with a toner. After cleansing and toning, make sure you pat in a facial oil to counter the loss of proper nourishment. In the end, moisturise with a light-weight and non-greasy lotion and sleep over the concerns for a brighter morning. 

You must also use a scrub and mask twice a week to upkeep the skin, buff off the dead skin, and unclog the pores.

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Dry Skin: 

If your skin feels tingly and tight, has a flaky appearance and tends to peel off then your skin type is dry. This happens because you do not hydrate it properly when it needs intense nourishment and love. Dry skin often has a dull appearance and is also quite itchy, especially in extreme weather conditions. You can balance your skin’s vital levels with an extensive night care routine.

Pick a chemical-free face wash to gently remove the dirt and impurities from your skin. Use rose water or an alcohol-free toner to restore the pH balance. Spray an activated hydrator, pat in a rich serum or facial oil and moisturise to set everything in. Make sure you wait a minute before sleeping to allow the products to settle properly.

Indulging in gentle scrubbing, masking and using a body butter is also a great way to prevent dryness.

Sensitive skin: 

Sensitive skin is very fragile and difficult to treat as it may react adversely to any product anytime. People with sensitive skin often suffer from unexpected redness and blotchiness when exposed to extreme weather conditions or even a slightly polluted environment. Though nothing can be done to change the skin type but one can surely treat it better with an effective and thoughtful nighttime routine. 

One should start with gently removing the makeup or dirt with cleansing milk. Wash it with a mild cleanser, and use a toner to prep it. Follow up with a healing and nourishing face oil. Facial oils soothe the skin and prevent unexpected reactions. Post using the oil, moisturise as usual and get to bed. 

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Apart from this, indulging in a stress-relieving bath, eating clean and working out also helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing. 

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