Never send these text messages to your ex. NEVER

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Nov 19, 2015

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Heartbreaks are hard. And, the harder part is to let go the memories of lost love.


never text this to your ex


It is very difficult to truly break up with your ex if you are still in touch. But, if you have made up your mind to move on and put it all behind you, you need to reconsider whether it is worth to reach out to them, call them or text them.

If the intimate feelings haven’t died still or if you two are still friends, you should never send the following texts to your ex.


“I miss you”


Keep this to yourself! No matter how much you really miss him/her. It makes you seem needy and might get replies like “I’m sorry” or “I can’t help you” to make the whole thing worse.


“I’m really sorry”

It is okay to apologize, but only when you mean it. But, just to still keep in contact? Not a good idea for you to take all the blame! It makes you look like you are desperate to get back. Always remember that things went wrong for a reason.


“I’m thinking about you”

It’s natural to think about your ex. She/he was a part of your life, but not anymore. This makes it harder for them to move on and it isn’t really helpful for you. So, you should better avoid it!


“la la la la....” romantic lyrics

If a romantic number playing on the radio reminds you of the good old times you spent with your ex, don’t type it in that text message box on your phone or send it across. Don’t take it for a sign to text your ex. Keep calm or change the track.


Be honest with yourself. And, the chance of her/him coming running back to you is bleak. So, why text them anything at all if it is not worth it and if it leaves you feeling the same or worse.




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